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Rotary Evaporator

LABOAO offer 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L rotary evaporator combined with circulating water vacuum pump, circulating cooler, etc. to matching system for evaporation, distillation and chemical separation experiments.


  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Chemical Laboratories
    Chemical Laboratories
    Solvent Recovery - Rotary evaporators are used for recovering solvents from reaction mixtures, enabling their reuse and reducing waste. Concentration of Solutions - They aid in concentrating solutions by evaporating the solvent, leading to higher concentrations of desired compounds.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Drug Purification - Rotary evaporators facilitate the purification of drugs by removing residual solvents and impurities. Formulation Development -They aid in the formulation development process by concentrating and evaporating solvents in drug formulations.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Essential Oil Extraction
    Essential Oil Extraction
    Aromatherapy - Rotary evaporators are utilized for the extraction of essential oils from aromatic plants for use in aromatherapy or fragrance production. Herbal Medicine - They aid in the extraction of bioactive compounds from medicinal herbs for use in herbal medicine and natural remedies.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Cannabis Industry
    Cannabis Industry
    THC Extraction - Rotary evaporators are used for the extraction and concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from cannabis plants for medicinal or recreational use. CBD Isolation - They aid in the isolation and purification of CBD (cannabidiol) from cannabis plants for various therapeutic applications.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Food and Beverage Industry
    Food and Beverage Industry
    Flavor Extraction - Rotary evaporators are used for the extraction of flavors from natural sources, such as fruits or spices, for use in food and beverage products. Beverage Concentration - They aid in the concentration of beverages by evaporating water, resulting in increased flavor intensity.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Environmental Analysis
    Environmental Analysis
    Sample Preparation - Rotary evaporators are utilized in sample preparation for environmental analysis, such as concentrating water samples or extracting pollutants from solid matrices. Oil Spill Analysis - They aid in the concentration and recovery of oil samples from environmental samples for analysis and assessment of oil spills.
  • Application of Rotary Evaporator in Academic Research
    Academic Research
    Natural Product Chemistry - Rotary evaporators are employed in the isolation and purification of natural compounds from plants or microorganisms. Synthetic Chemistry - They aid in the concentration of reaction mixtures and the purification of synthetic compounds for further characterization.


What is the capacity of the rotary evaporator?
The capacities of the rotary evaporators we produce include 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, and 100L (maximum capacity). Optional explosion-proof rotary evaporator.
What are the main components of a rotary evaporator?
The rotary evaporator is mainly composed of a cylindrical container, a heating system, a cooling system, a vacuum system, a rotating mechanism, a collection bottle and other components.
What are the advantages of explosion-proof rotary evaporator?
Compared with traditional evaporators, it has efficient heat transfer characteristics and can handle a larger amount of material in the same time. It adopts various safety features such as motor explosion-proof, variable frequency speed regulator explosion-proof, control table explosion-proof, and cable explosion-proof pipes. Measures can effectively prevent dangerous accidents during equipment operation.
Is the rotary evaporator equipped with a vacuum pump?
No, you need to purchase a vacuum pump according to your requirements. We recommend corrosion-resistant circulating water vacuum pumps and diaphragm vacuum pumps, which can evacuate to 0.098MPa.
What are the main factors affecting the evaporation efficiency of a rotary evaporator?
Water bath temperature, vacuum degree, condenser cooling medium temperature, evaporator bottle speed.
What are the main application fields of rotary evaporator?
Rotary evaporators are mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries. In the chemical industry, it can be used in organic solvent recovery, crystallization, coating and other processes. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for the concentration, drying, crystal preparation and other processes of pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, it can be used for the concentration of juice, pulp and other liquids, and the preparation of syrup. In the environmental protection industry, it can be used to treat wastewater and waste gas containing harmful substances, and reduce the emission of pollutants.
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