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Incubator applied to sterility tests such as medicine, textile, food processing, stability inspection, raw material properties of industrial products, product packaging, product life and other tests.


How to choose the suitable muffule furnace model?
Please confirm what is the maximum temperature and volume you need, Then we can recommend for you quickly.
Does the muffle furnace have an exhaust port?
Yes, there is an adjustable exhaust port on the top of furnace.
How many sides are heated in a muffle furnace?
Three-side heating is: top, left, right Five-side heating for: top, bottom, left, right, door. Suitable for capacity above 100L.
What is the main difference between LMF series and LMFC series muffle furnace?
Door opened structure is different. LMF is side hung door. LMFC series is sliding door, which greatly protects the safety of the experimenter.
If the sample is corrosive, which model is recommended?
We recommend a muffle furnace with a temperature of 1400℃ celsius because it uses "silicon carbon rods" as the heater, which is corrosion-resistant.
What is the difference between muffle furnaces D/P/T series?
D: single-segment temperature control digital display, light touch four-key action, digital display settings, two-line LED digital display, single-segment operation. P: imported program temperature control digital display, light touch four button action, digital display setting, two-line LED digital display, the Can be 0 ~ 999.9 hours timer, program to run 2 curves 30 steps. T: 7-inch color touch screen program temperature control, finger touch tap setting, color LCD display. Can be 0~999.9 hours timer, program run 50 steps.
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