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Low Temperature Freezer

Low temperature refrigerator, also known as low temperature freezer, low temperature storage box. It can be roughly divided into: can be used for the preservation of tuna, electronic devices, low-temperature tests of special materials, and low-temperature storage of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, biological products, chemical reagents, bacteria, and biological samples.


  • Application of Low Temperature Freezer in Biomedical Research and Storage
    Biomedical Research and Storage
    Preservation of Biological Samples - Low-temperature freezers are used to store various biological samples, including cells, tissues, DNA/RNA samples, and antibodies, preserving their viability and integrity for research and diagnostic purposes. Vaccine and Drug Storage - They are employed for the long-term storage of vaccines, drugs, and other biologics, maintaining their stability and potency.
  • Application of Low Temperature Freezer in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
    Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
    Storage of Temperature-Sensitive Materials - Low-temperature freezers play a critical role in storing temperature-sensitive materials, such as enzymes, reagents, and clinical trial samples, ensuring their stability and prolonging shelf life. Cryopreservation - They are used for cryopreservation of stem cells, embryos, and other biological materials by reaching ultra-low temperatures, allowing for long-term storage and future use.
  • Application of Low Temperature Freezer in Clinical Laboratories and Hospitals
    Clinical Laboratories and Hospitals
    Storage of Medical Samples - Low-temperature freezers aid in the storage of medical samples, including blood plasma, serum, urine, and tissue samples, for diagnostic testing and research purposes. Organ and Tissue Storage - They are utilized in organ transplant facilities for the storage of donated organs, maintaining their viability until transplantation.
  • Application of Low Temperature Freezer in Industrial Storage
    Industrial Storage
    Chemical Storage - Low-temperature freezers are employed for storing temperature-sensitive chemicals, such as reference standards, solvents, and reagents, ensuring their stability and preventing degradation. Food Industry - They are used in the food industry for the preservation and storage of perishable food items, including frozen foods, ice creams, and specialty ingredients.
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