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The Difference Between Biochemical Incubator And Mold Incubator

Technical Knowledge 2022-03-01 09:16:36
Biochemical incubators and mold incubators are common constant temperature incubator equipment in laboratories. The functional parameters of these two incubators are relatively similar, so it is easy to cause confusion. This article mainly introduces the difference between biochemical incubators and mold incubators from the aspects of functional differences and uses.

1. Functional difference

Biochemical incubators do not have humidity control and antivirus functions, while mold incubators have both humidity control and antivirus functions. Therefore, the mold incubator of the same volume is slightly more expensive than the biochemical incubator. The mold incubator is equipped with a sterilization lamp, while the biochemical incubator does not need to be installed. Mold incubators are available with or without humidification, while biochemical incubators have no humidification option. They can all be used for bacterial culture. If the bacterial culture does not require refrigeration, an electric heating constant temperature incubator can also be selected.

2. Differences in use

Biochemical incubators are widely used in the culture and preservation of bacteria, molds, microorganisms, tissue cells, as well as water quality analysis and BOD testing, suitable for breeding experiments and plant cultivation. It is an important experimental equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, production units or department laboratories in biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.

Mold incubator is an experimental equipment suitable for cultivating eukaryotic microorganisms such as mold. Because most molds are suitable for growth at room temperature (25°C), and need to maintain a certain humidity when cultured on solid substrates. Therefore, the general mold incubator is composed of a refrigeration system, a heating system, an air humidifier and a cultivation room, a control circuit and an operation panel. And use a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor to maintain a stable temperature and humidity in the cultivation chamber. Some special mold incubators can also set the temperature and humidity to change with the incubation time.

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