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How To Use A Horizontal Sterilizer

Technical Knowledge 2023-05-23 17:26:04
The horizontal sterilizer is widely used and the effect is reliable. The principle of the horizontal sterilizer is mainly to denature biomolecules such as proteins. When the high-temperature and high-pressure steam fully contacts the sterilized items, the latent heat is released, thereby heating the sterilized items. Heating accelerates the movement of protein molecules, collides with each other, and breaks the secondary bonds connecting the peptide chains, making the molecules change from a regular and tight structure to a disordered and warm structure. A large number of hydrophobic groups are exposed on the surface of molecules, which combine with each other to form larger polymers, and solidify the precipitate. The horizontal sterilizer irreversibly destroys enzymes and structural proteins, thereby killing microorganisms and sterilizing items.

The main features of the horizontal sterilizer are broad sterilization spectrum, strong sterilization effect, reliable effect, rapid action and no residual toxicity. Suitable for sterilization of various heat-resistant items including liquids.

According to the principle of sterilization, horizontal sterilizers can be divided into low exhaust sterilizers and pre-vacuum sterilizers.

Precautions for using horizontal sterilizer:

1. Do not open the sterilizer cover until the pressure reaches zero MPa.

2. When the pressure gauge is abnormal, stop using the Zhonghai medium steam sterilizer.

3. When opening the lid of the sterilizing pot, pay special attention to the steam in the sterilizing chamber to prevent burns.

4. When placing the sterilized items, be careful not to touch the temperature probe in the inner tank.

5. When the water level in the vent bottle is higher than the high mark, pour the water down to the low mark before sterilizing.

6. When the water level in the pot is lower than the limit mark of the horizontal bar in the center of the chassis, add an appropriate amount of distilled water near the limit mark of the horizontal bar.

7. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline and not block the pipeline system, it is customary to change the water frequently; when the high-pressure steam sterilization equipment of Zhonghai medium is out of use for a long time, the water in the sterilizer should be drained.

Maintenance of horizontal sterilizer:

1. Wipe the surface of the sterilizer door and instruments every day, and clean the floor of the sterilization room at least once.

2. Clean up the impurities in the filter screen of the outlet of the sterilizer every day to prevent impurities from entering the exhaust pipe during the operation of the sterilizer.

3. Before running every day, check whether the door seal of the sterilizer is flat and intact, without falling off or damaged.

4. Check the accuracy of the instrument pointers every day, and observe whether the thermometer and pressure gauge pointers are at the "0" position after the sterilizer stops running; observe whether steam, water and other medium pipes and valves leak; observe the operation indicator of the sterilizer Whether it is in good condition; once the above parts are found to have problems, do not use the sterilizer, and use it after maintenance and repair.

5. Clean and wipe the sterilizer every week and wipe it thoroughly.

6. Clean the outside of the sterilization equipment quarterly to avoid dust accumulation and shorten the service life of the air filter. Avoid contact of components with water. Once the damp water dries up, you can turn on the power.

7. Check once a quarter whether the connected sockets and connectors are loose, and if they are loose, plug them in tightly.

8. Clean the surface of the safety valve every 6 months.

9. Check and clean the steam line filter once a week and record the results.

10. The sterilizer is inspected once a year, and the safety valve, pressure gauge, and thermometer are inspected at least once a year, and the inspection results are recorded and saved. Air filters should be replaced regularly.

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