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Maintenance And Application Of Low Temperature Circulating Cooler

Technical Knowledge 2023-05-25 13:56:12
The ultra-low temperature circulating cooler is an important equipment used to achieve ultra-low temperature conditions in the fields of scientific research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and industrial production. To ensure long-term reliable operation and efficient performance of this equipment, here are some maintenance tips and industry applications.

1. Periodic cleaning: Recirculating coolers can be cleaned periodically to remove accumulated dust, sediment and impurities. This can be done by washing with a special cleaner. Regular cleaning can prevent equipment failure and prolong its life.

2. Check the wires and pipes: Check the wires and pipes for damage or cracks. If a problem is found, it must be replaced immediately to avoid potential safety hazards.

3. Use the correct cooling medium: Different types of ultra-low temperature recirculating coolers require different types of cooling medium. Using the wrong cooling medium may result in equipment failure and reduced performance.

4. Properly closed when shutting down: Before shutting down, all valves should be closed and the pipeline and cooling medium should be drained. This helps prevent pipes from freezing or damage to equipment components.

Industrial applications of ultra-low temperature circulating coolers:

1. Scientific research: Ultra-low temperature circulating coolers can be used in physical, chemical and biological experiments in scientific research. For example, in materials research, the device can achieve high-precision temperature control to explore the properties of materials under extreme conditions.

2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Ultra-low temperature circulating coolers can be used in refrigeration processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. For example, in the production of pharmaceuticals, certain substances need to be cryopreserved at ultra-low temperatures to ensure their long-term preservation.

3. Industrial production: Ultra-low temperature circulating coolers can also be used for specific applications in industrial production, such as electronic equipment manufacturing and food processing. In the manufacture of electronic equipment, the device can be used to control the temperature of semiconductor materials, thereby improving product quality. In food processing, it can be used to refrigerate and freeze meat and other perishable foods.

To sum up, the ultra-low temperature circulating cooler is a very important device and has a wide range of applications in many fields. Through proper maintenance and maintenance, the long-term reliable operation and efficient performance of the equipment can be ensured, thereby improving work efficiency

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