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Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer
Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer

Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer

EDX800 meets the demands of precious metal testing by virtue of its unique configuration, full-functional test software and user-friendly operation interface, makes test easier with its humanized design.
  • ModelEDX800
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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EDX800 is a precious Metal Analyzer uses efficient proportional counter. brand new and fashionable appearance, humanized and convenient operation, it fully meets the requirements of precious metal analysis and plating thickness measurement.

Application fields

Content testing of precious metals Au, Pt, Ag in all kinds of ornaments.

Mainly used in precious metal and ornament processing industries; example banks, ornament sale and gold shop. jewelry factories, jewelry shops, pawnshops, gold testing labs or fire assay labs, Refiners who buy and sell gold


1. Quick Test:Within one second, you can get both the Karat value and content value of your gold sample.

2. Accurate:Testing result of our XRF is comparable to the fire assay.

3. Non destructive:XRF test will not destroy your gold sample.

4. Multi-functional:Besides the gold, the non precious metals, such as Ni,Cu and Zn which are frequently used in the jewelries can also be simultaneously tested by our XRF. What's more, our XRF can also be used to test the plating thickness of the gold plated jewelry.


Range of measurable elements: Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Zn etc.

Sample form: Solid

Long-term operating stability: 0.1% (Au≥95%)

Precious Metal Testing Example Spectrum

Test time:100s










  • Single sample chamber

  • Proportional counter

  • MCA

  • High and low voltage power supplies

  • X-ray tube


  1. Factory direct sales with competitive price.
  2. Premium quality with CE & ISO certification.
  3. Strong product OEM & ODM customization capability.
  4. Promise production & on-time delivery.
  5. Perfect after-sales service, free product accessories.
  6. 15 years of experience in R&D and production of x-ray fluorescence spectrometer(xrf) machine.
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We have a standard production workshop and a complete production team. They always produce a serious and responsible attitude to produce each product. Our R&D team is made up of multi-aspects professional engineers such as design engineer,technology specialist ,qualified specialist and process control manager, etc. Our qualified specialists strictly realize the process comprehensive supervision based on our quality process control system, which contains products design, research and development, test, production, quality inspection and packaging.

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Our laboratory instruments and equipment are used in many scientific laboratories, scientific research institutions, universities, hospitals, centers for disease control and other institutions, and are combined with many well-known biopharmaceuticals, new energy, electronics companies, food processing, environmental protection, etc. Enterprise cooperation, our stable and reliable products are exported to more than 120 countries around the world, and have been highly recognized by them, believe LABOAO, we grow together!

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4 Good Reasons To Choose LABOAO Precious Metals X-Ray Spectrometer

  • Intelligent precious metal testing software
  • Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
  • Independent matrix effect correction models
  • Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure


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