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What should you watch out for after sterilizing with a autoclave steam sterilizer?

Technical Knowledge 2018-03-22 17:48:42
In the process of using sterilization equipment, users know that they should pay attention to many precautions. After the items are sterilized, many people may feel that they have already handled them, and they are not careful. After the equipment is finished sterilization, it is not known. We also have to pay some attention. Next, we will introduce you to what we need to pay attention to after the autoclave steam sterilizer. Through our introduction, I hope everyone can gain something.

First, avoid secondary pollution

In fact, after the autoclave is sterilized, if the item is not protected, the item is more likely to be contaminated by the outside air. If it is contaminated with some dirt, our sterilization Work is not a white effort! Therefore, after the sterilization is completed, everyone should pay attention to it, that is, to clean the items. After the item has been removed from the sterilization equipment, you should carefully check it and place it in a clean package. If any damage is found, the purpose of the surgical aseptic package should not be used any more. Generally, if there is a chemical indicator tape attached, the sterilization status of the item should be checked after sterilization. If you do not require it, you should not use it as a sterile bag.

Second, should not be placed with unsterilized items

After the autoclave equipment has been sterilized, many people may put the items out and put them there at random. In fact, this is very bad and is easily affected by pollution. Simply put, if we put the item next to the unsterilized item, everyone may feel that the packaging is intact and will not be affected, but it is not the case. After each batch of items has been sterilized, the batch should be installed and placed in isolation from the outside items.

Third, pay attention to the choice of transportation tools and disinfection

For sterilized items, we have to choose some transportation tools for transportation. For this delivery tool, we should be careful to choose, for example, should choose some tools that can keep dry. Before and after use, we need to clean and disinfect, and then keep dry, so as to maximize the protection of sterile items, so as not to deteriorate during transportation.

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