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Three error details when using a ceramic fiber box furnace

Technical Knowledge 2017-10-12 14:32:07
Through regular visits to customers, we have found through statistical analysis that many customers often ignore some small details when using ceramic fiber box furnaces. Although there is no big impact at present, it will always affect the life of equipment. Here are a few of the details of the regular parts:

First. When using a box furnace to heat the workpiece, no filler plate is added:

The box furnaces are equipped with correspondingly sized burning plates, and all heated workpieces, including the workpieces, should be placed on the setter to heat them. Try to avoid directly placing on the ceramic fiberboard at the bottom of the furnace, causing uneven stress on the fiberboard or excessive local temperature to damage the bottom of the furnace.

Second, want the muffle furnace to cool down quickly, open the furnace door at high temperature:

Because the ceramic fiber box furnace has a very good heat preservation effect, the energy consumption during the heat preservation is very low, and the temperature drop rate is also slow after the power supply is stopped. Some customers hope that the next experiment can be carried out immediately after an experiment is completed, so that the furnace door is opened at a high temperature to obtain a high cooling speed, but the damage to the box furnace is very large, and the heat is easily caused by a cold and a heat. Cracking, the heating element can not withstand such thermal shock. We generally recommend that the box furnace be carefully cooled to a temperature of 600 ° C to carefully open a little door. If you do need a high temperature pick and place, consider whether you can use a silicon carbide furnace.

Third, do not oven when used after a long shutdown:

This is also a detail that is easily overlooked. Basically, all customers can do the oven when the stove is first used. However, many customers have forgotten the oven after being shut down for more than one week. Ceramic fiberboard has a large number of fine pores. If it can not be used for a long time, it may absorb water vapor and so on. Therefore, the oven can effectively remove the water vapor in the pores as required.

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