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High temperature box type resistance furnace operation rules and precautions

Technical Knowledge 2017-11-20 14:06:53
When using high-temperature box type resistance furnace, we must pay attention to the operation specifications. If we do not pay attention to the operation details for a long time, it may affect the service life of the resistance furnace. Only the standard use can make the various parts of the resistance furnace operate efficiently, neat and durable.

Box resistance furnace operating procedures:

1. Before the furnace is opened, the gas pipeline valve sealability and the pressure on the gas pipeline should not be checked below the specified value.

2. The operation of the empty furnace test push rod mechanism, the tie rod mechanism and the lifting mechanism.

3. Loosen the compression spring to the specified size range.

4. Adjust the water level of the water seal, open the valve through which the water seal is discharged, and close the valve through the water seal.

5. Close the furnace door at the feeding end, open the furnace door at the discharge end, and close the furnace door when the kerosene is sprayed out to form a misty flow.

6. Point the burner of the feed chamber.

7. Exhaust gas should be discharged through a valve that does not pass through the water seal.

8. Intermittent production first carburizes the furnace.

9. When the part is placed, the distance between the part and the part is not less than 5 mm; the edge of the part does not exceed the length of the base plate and the specified height.

10. To quickly switch the feed and discharge doors, but the speed of the push-pull rods should be smooth.

11. The position of the part in the pre-cooling chamber should be right below the thermocouple.

12. Only 24 chassis can be filled in the furnace, and the feeding must be pulled first and then pushed.

13. When the furnace is shut down, the furnace zone should be lowered to the same temperature, and then the natural cooling will begin.

14. Equipment cleaning:

    1) The furnace tank should be cleaned once a week during continuous production, and the cleaning of the intermittent production tank should be carried out immediately after stopping the furnace.

    2) When the furnace cleaning temperature is 850 ~ 870 ° C, the chassis should be taken out;

    3) When blowing from the feed end of the furnace with a compressed air nozzle, the valve should not be opened too much, and must be moved back and forth, left and right to prevent local overheating;

    4) The gas burner is cleaned once with kerosene before carburizing.

15. After quenching the chassis or fixture, return to the pre-cooling chamber to remove oil.

16. It is found that the exhaust pipe is blocked (the pressure in the furnace is suddenly increased) and should be cleaned up immediately. First open the exhaust valve that does not pass the water seal, and then close the exhaust valve of the water seal. After cleaning, the gas pipe valve of the water seal should be opened first, and then the gas valve of the water seal can be closed.

Box type resistance furnace precautions:

(1) Always pay attention to the combustion conditions of various districts and the pressure of gas;

(2) When the furnace door is opened, it cannot stand in the middle to prevent the flame from being burned;

(3) Pay attention to whether the burner of the department is burning and check whether the wedge door is leaking with a torch;

(4) When the flame of the burner is extinguished during work, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and then the air valve should be closed;

(5) If the part is dropped during work or the wedge-shaped door switch is not working, the feeding should be stopped and the parts removed.

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