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Precautions For Installation Of Laboratory Pure Water Machine

Technical Knowledge 2023-01-03 16:55:22
Laboratory water purifiers are widely used in technological fields such as scientific research, chips, semiconductors, hospitals, and biological research. Moreover, with the passage of time, its application range has become wider and wider, and it has gradually been accepted by more industries. So what details should be paid attention to when installing the laboratory pure water machine? How should I use it after installation? Here we take a look!

When installing a laboratory water purifier, you need to pay attention to the following five details:

1. During installation, the ultrapure water machine in the laboratory should be placed in the right place. Generally speaking, it should be placed near the test bench, so that it is convenient to take water;

2. The tools are ready, there is a roll of white tape for the sealing connection of pipe joints, screwdrivers, electric pens, wrenches and other common tools;

3. When connecting the pipes, remember not to leak water;

4. Connect the purified water outlet to the purified water faucet and install the faucet. Also use white tape to seal the winding interface;

5. Open the main tap water gate and the main water inlet ball valve, and debug the ultrapure water machine system to see if there is any water leakage. If there is no abnormality, the installation is successful.


Instructions for use:

1. Prepare to start up: open the tap water inlet valve, plug in the power plug, press the power switch and the "1" position of the working mode switch, the machine will start to work, wait for the self-test and flushing of the instrument to complete, and start to take water;

2. Water intake: If RO water or UP ultrapure water is needed, press the "RO" and "UP" water intake keys on the control panel to turn on the water outlet switch. After the water intake, press "RO" and "UP" again to obtain water key to turn off the water;

3. Standby: In the power-on state, if there is no need to take water, the RO water produced by the machine will be sent to the pressure bucket until the bucket is full, and the system will shut down and enter the standby state. Press any water-taking button in this state, the machine will automatically restart to produce pure water;

4. Pre-preparation mode: If you need a lot of pure water early in the morning, you can keep the power and water source turned on before leaving work, and turn the working mode switch to "2", the instrument screen will not light up but the instrument will automatically produce pure water into the pressure bucket Send until the bucket is full, then the instrument enters the standby state;

5. Shutdown: Turn off the power switch and close the water inlet valve.

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