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Small Low Temperature Spray Dryer Sticky Wall Solution

Technical Knowledge 2023-01-03 16:58:41
The small low-temperature spray dryer is mainly suitable for the production of micro particle powder in the laboratories of universities, research institutes and food, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises. It has broad-spectrum applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions, and is suitable for drying heat-sensitive substances such as Biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the sprayed materials are only subjected to high temperature when they are sprayed into mist-sized particles, so they are only heated instantaneously, and these active materials can maintain their active components after drying.

There are generally three cases of small-scale low-temperature spray dryer sticking to the wall:

1. Semi-wet material sticks to the wall: the reason is that the sprayed droplets have been in contact with the wall before the surface is dry, so they stick to the wall. The position of sticking to the wall is generally the sprayed droplets facing the atomizer on the plane of the movement track, it is related to the structure of the atomizer and the movement state of the hot air in the tower;

2. Hot-melt sticky wall of low melting point material: the reason is that the material reaches the melting point at a certain temperature and starts to melt and become sticky, sticking to the wall of the vessel;

3. Surface adhesion of dry powder: when dry powder moves in a limited space, there will always be some bumps on the wall of the device, which is unavoidable, but such sticky walls are generally not thick, as long as it is blown by air or lightly tapped It can be shaken off, and the simple solution is to polish the inner wall, which can solve this problem to a certain extent.


Five solutions to prevent wall sticking of small low-temperature spray dryers:

The following is a list of solutions that can prevent sticking to the wall:

1. Use a double wall drying tower, during which air cooling is used to keep the wall temperature below 50°C;

2. The secondary air is tangentially introduced through the tower wall cyclone to cool the tower wall;

3. An air broom consisting of a row of nozzles is installed near the wall of the tower, and it is slowly rotated along the tower wall;

4. An air hammer is added to the wall of the tower, and the material sticking to the wall is forcibly separated by the blow of the air hammer;

5. To increase the processing accuracy of the equipment, the polishing of the inner wall of the tower can also reduce the sticking of the wall.

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