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Is Your Refrigerator Freezer Ready For Vaccine Storage

Technical Knowledge 2021-11-24 16:36:53
Because vaccine is a special medicine, it has strict cold chain requirements in transportation and storage. It is understood that Pfizer mRNA vaccine can be stable for 6 months during storage and transportation at -70°C, while it can only be maintained for 5 days at 2-8°C. Moderna vaccine has better storage and transportation stability. It can be stored and transported at -20°C and can be stable for 6 months; after thawing, it can be kept stable for 30 days in a standard household or medical refrigerator at 2-8°C. The temperature for transportation and storage of inactivated vaccines of Sinopharm Biologics is required to be within 2~8°C.

The vaccination has brought tremendous pressure to the storage and transportation of vaccines in primary medical institutions. Vaccines are already on the market, and vaccination is imperative. Is your refrigerator ready?

From the purchase of new equipment to the maintenance of old equipment, what preparations do we need to do for vaccine storage?

The storage quantity of vaccines determines the size and volume of the refrigerator, so you need to confirm the maximum vaccine storage capacity in advance for easy access.

Pay attention to the installation environment and conditions.

Is there a special place for the vaccine refrigerator? The size of the placement position determines the size of the optional refrigerator. The environment around the refrigerator should be well ventilated.

How to conduct self-inspection on old equipment that has been used for a long time.

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine will inevitably increase the load on the equipment. In addition, under the frequent operation of "vaccine in and out of storage", the performance of the old equipment that has been in service for many years is facing huge challenges. It is necessary to check and maintain various indicators of refrigerator operation in advance.

About 2-8℃ medicine refrigerator

1. Keep the back of the refrigerator 30cm away from the wall as far as possible, which is conducive to heat dissipation.

2. Check the appearance of the door seal for air leakage or damage.

3. When stacking items, pay attention to the distance from the back of the refrigerator, and do not block the exhaust holes.

4. Check whether there is any icing around and on the surface of the fan grille inside the refrigerator. If so, please power off the refrigerator (12 hours) for a complete deicing.

About ultra low temperature freezer

1. Check the refrigerator filter regularly every month, and clean the filter.

2. Keep the back of the refrigerator 30cm away from the wall as much as possible. In the case of good ventilation and heat dissipation, the freezer can exert better cooling performance.

3. Check the appearance of the door seal for air leakage or damage.

4. Every time you open the door and take out the items, please make sure that the inner door of the refrigerator is closed and the small door handle is locked.

5. Regularly check the icing conditions inside the refrigerator. If there is too much icing, please clean it up in time.

Optional cold chain monitoring equipment

Vaccines are different from other medicines in that they have higher temperature requirements, and too high or too low temperatures will affect their effectiveness. Therefore, it is recommended to select cold chain monitoring equipment to monitor the temperature status in real time.

Vaccine storage is the forefront of vaccine safety vaccination. All kinds of vaccines have corresponding storage temperature and storage conditions. If the vaccine is not stored properly, it will often cause the vaccine's efficacy to be reduced, or even to be ineffective, failing to achieve the effect of vaccination, and even life-threatening. Vaccine storage also requires greater attention from practitioners.

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