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How To Use Stainless Steel Electric Water Distiller Machine?

Technical Knowledge 2021-11-24 15:52:08
The water distiller uses electricity to heat tap water to produce pure water. Distilled water is prepared using the principle of liquid vaporization when heated and liquefaction when cold. The water distillers used in laboratories and other departments are generally made of high-quality stainless steel materials and processed after special treatment. This not only fully guarantees the quality of distilled water, but also greatly improves the service life.

How to use water distiller:

1. Close the drain valve first.

2. Turn on the water source valve, let the tap water enter the cooler and then into the funnel from the return pipe, and then pour it into the evaporator. Until the water level rises to the center of the glass water level gauge, when the water flows out of the beneficial water pipe and the water level stops rising, the water source valve can be temporarily closed.

3. Turn on the power supply, wait until the water level in the pot has boiled, and start to emit steam, then open the water valve, but pay attention to the water flow is not too large or too small, gradually open the water source valve from small to large, adjust to the distilled water output The largest, it is advisable to have a small amount of overflow in the water filling cup. You can also measure the temperature of the bottom of the cooler shell by hand to feel a slight temperature (about 40 degrees).

4. The distilled water outlet hose is not easy to be too long, and do not insert it into a distilled water container. The hose should be rinsed with distilled water before use, and the pipeline should be kept unblocked to prevent stagnant steam and cause water leakage and overflow.

5. It is normal for the outer wall of the condenser to feel hot, otherwise no distilled water will flow out. 

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