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Application of Freeze Dryer in Cosmetics

Technical Knowledge 2021-11-24 17:15:42
With the continuous improvement of our living standards and quality, people have higher and higher expectations for the quality and effects of cosmetics in recent years. Because we can use a vacuum freeze dryer to obtain biological preparations at ultra-low temperature, which will promote the development of cosmetics towards a purely natural and functional orientation. In addition, a vacuum freeze dryer is used to produce cosmetics, which can preserve the activity, ingredients and quality of biological agents.

With the improvement of the technology of vacuum freeze dryers and the production and manufacture of biological preparations, scientific and technical personnel have long been able to use the current production process and methods to complete the production and manufacture of large-scale and stable biological preparations.

Freeze-dried powder has been widely used. Freeze-dried powder is made by first freezing the moisture in the product with a freeze dryer, then increasing the frozen moisture in the product under the natural environment of a vacuum pump aseptic test, and finally drying it at a low temperature. Freeze-dried powder is used in repairing, whitening skin, anti-aging, wrinkle removal and so on.

Why can freeze-dried powder slowly gain recognition in the sales market? The reason is that the freeze-dried powder can maintain the biological activity of cosmetics reasonably and greatly reduce the risk of the decomposition reaction of biologically active chemical substances. Conventional cosmetic preparations have unstable ingredients and are very prone to secondary pollution. The effect has a tendency to weaken. The use of active substances is restricted. However, freeze-drying technology can adequately store the activity of chemical substances and increase the storage time. Moreover, the condition of the vacuum pump and the low moisture content can reasonably inhibit the growth and development of microbial strains without adding additives.

The application of freeze dryer in cosmetics will become more and more abundant in future.

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