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How To Use Carbon Dioxide Incubator?

Technical Knowledge 2023-05-16 16:37:47
Carbon dioxide incubator is a kind of equipment used in biology and biomedical research, which can culture cells or microorganisms under controlled environmental conditions. When using carbon dioxide incubator, we must follow some rules, so as to ensure its effectiveness. and stability, so as to play its wonderful performance.

The first rule: maintain hygiene and cleanliness

When in use, we must maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Before use, we must clean the workbench and the incubator. Make sure the inside and outside of the incubator are clean and tidy. When culturing cells and microbes, we must follow aseptic technique, remove all foreign matter. Incubation box, in order to avoid contamination and cross-infection.

Second rule:timed exhaust

When in use, we must regularly exhaust carbon dioxide and carry out air exchange. Carbon dioxide is a harmful gas, easily accumulated inside the incubator, which will affect the growth of cells and microorganisms. Therefore, we must set up an air exchange device, so that the incubator Internal air circulation rotation. Timely exhaust carbon dioxide, replaced by fresh air, is an important step to protect the culture tank and cell health.

The third rule: Avoid wear and friction

When in use, must avoid wear and friction. Must ensure that the door seal is good, so as to prevent carbon dioxide leakage. Vulnerable items such as UV lamp tube, must be checked regularly whether there is damage. If there is any problem or any abnormality, must be checked in time. repair, to ensure the long-term use and stability of the incubator.

Rule 4: Accurate measurement of temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity are the key factors to culture cells and microorganisms. We must accurately measure temperature and humidity, and maintain stable control. Regularly check and calibrate the temperature and humidity control system of the incubator, to ensure its accuracy and stability. If If any problem occurs, it is necessary to adjust and repair the control system in time, so as to avoid affecting the test results.

Fifth rule: avoid opening doors or interference

When using it to culture cells or microbes, we must avoid disturbance and opening the door as much as possible. Opening the door can affect the temperature and humidity control system, causing contamination of the culture liquid and affecting cell growth. If needing to open the door, it must be completed as quickly as possible, and Before opening the door, turn off any potentially disturbing environmental equipment inside the incubator.

In short, in order to give full play to the advantages and performance of CO2 incubators, we must follow the above rules, keep the incubator clean and tidy, minimize disturbance and open doors as much as possible, regularly exchange air and CO2 emissions, and monitor and control temperature and humidity. Only in this way can the accuracy and effectiveness of the test results be ensured.

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