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Vertical Incubator Shaker With Two Doors Vertical Incubator Shaker With Two Doors
Vertical Incubator Shaker With Two Doors Vertical Incubator Shaker With Two Doors

Vertical Incubator Shaker With Two Doors

A shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in a tube or flask by shaking them. It is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board that is used to place the flasks, beakers, or test tubes.
  • ModelLH-1102/LH-1112
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The constant temperature shaker has a stainless-steel universal clamp, digital display temperature control, stepless speed regulation and good thermal cycle function. It is a multi-purpose biochemical device, which is a plant, biology, microbiology, genetics, virus, environmental protection, medicine and other scientific research.  education and production departments for precision culture preparation of indispensable laboratory equipment.


1. The original technology of the original single-axis drive balance device 1(patent type: a single-axis drive swing balance mechanism; patent number: ZL 2015 2 0624431.5), to ensure minimum energy consumption and noise.

2. Vertical double-layer structure, small footprint, large bottle capacity and double performance.

3. The oscillation frequency can be extended over a wide range to 50-300 rpm.

4. Intelligent sound and light alarm environment scanning microprocessor controller.

5. The LCD large-screen backlit LCD display double displays each set parameter and measured parameter.

6. Model 2102C/2102/2112B/F is a safe, fluorine-free refrigeration system that meets international environmental requirements.

7. Run the parameter memory function to avoid cumbersome operations.

8. AC induction long life motor design, wide speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed, no carbon brush, maintenance free.

9. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, motor overheating, temperature out of control, abnormal over-temperature instrument automatically cut off their respective power supply.

10. With power-off recovery function, after the external power supply suddenly loses power and calls again, the device can automatically resume operation according to the original setting program.

11. The line that controls the acceleration ensures that the shaker is slowly started and smoothly accelerated to ensure the safety of the experimental samples.

12. The streamlined luxury machine model with rich aesthetic design concept, electrostatic spray box, large screen tempered glass window.

13. Timing setting up to 500 hours, and sound and light alarm

14. Adapt to the increasing trend of sample processing in modern laboratories and the mass production of modern bioengineering.

15. The front door opening design allows the shaker to be more flexible than turning the door shaker up.

16. Available in both temperature and low temperature ranges.

17. Efficient drive Makeda and refrigeration control, ultra-low energy consumption.

18. The transparent viewing window and built-in lighting design make it easy to view samples at any time.

19. Simultaneous observation of temperature, oscillation speed, time

Application range

Cell culture

Solubility test

Extraction experiment

Diagnostic test

Mixing samples

Bacterial suspension preparation

Dyeing and bleaching

Elution process

Hybrid experiment


Leakage current and overcurrent protection systems ensure operator safety.

Over-temperature, over-speed sound and light alarm emergency control system to ensure sample safety







Control   method

P.I.D(Microcomputer   environment scanning micro processing chip)

Display   method

LCD (Large   screen LCD dual display)

Cyclic mode

Forced   convection

Oscillation   mode

Rotary   oscillation


Drive mode

Single-axis   balancing device (Chinese patent)

Environmental   requirements

Temperature   25 ° C, humidity 20% -90%

Opening   method

Double door

Temperature   control range

Room   temperature +5-60

Temperature   accuracy


Temperature   uniformity



Frequency   Range


Rotation   accuracy


Pendulum   amplitude





security   function

Upper and   lower temperature deviation alarm; upper- and lower-line speed deviation   alarm, independent over-temperature protector; open door stop protection;   leakage protection, chiller overload protection.

Accessory   function

Speed   storage, call recovery, parameter memory, temperature speed correction, clock   display, room temperature / measured temperature double display.

Programming   function

Repeat,   step, eight-segment curve programming settings.




Timing   range

0-999.59h/   Sustainable

Standard   sizes

Rocker size



Number of   rocking plates


Gross   weight





Inner   cavity size

950*740*1400H   (mm)








power   supply

AC 200-240V   50-60HZ



250W   inverter motor

Inner   cavity material

High   quality imported stainless steel mirror panel

box Materia

High   quality and high strength castings, channel steel, angle steel, cold rolled   steel plate

The LH-1102C/2102C is a single-door, two-layer, small-capacity type.

The LH-1102/2102 is a double-door, double-layer, high-capacity type that is especially suitable for pilot production.

LH-1112B/2112B is a double-door double-layer extra-large capacity type, which is especially suitable for large-scale constant temperature oscillation operation in the manufacturing industry.

The LH-1112D/2112D is a double door double layer with an amplitude of 50mm.

The LH-1112F/2112F is a double-door double-deck reciprocating extra-large capacity type.


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