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Daily maintenance of low temperature coolant circulation pump

Technical Knowledge 2019-05-11 11:54:45
The low-temperature coolant circulation pump adds water circulation and cooling function to the water bath, which can improve the precision of temperature control and the stability of water temperature. It can be widely used for drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents, impregnation of pharmaceuticals and biological products. It can also be used for constant temperature heating and other temperature tests in water baths. It is an indispensable tool for biological, genetic, viral, aquatic, environmental, medical, health, biochemical laboratories, analytical laboratories, and educational research.

The main features of the cryogenic coolant circulation pump:

1. The sink is made of stainless steel and has strong anti-corrosion ability.

2. high temperature control accuracy, digital display.

3. with water circulation and water cooling system, easy to use.

4. Safe to use, no pollution.

The low temperature coolant circulation pump should pay attention to the following points in daily use:

1. Inject a proper amount of clean tap water into the water tank.

2. Turn the temperature control knob to the lowest level (the temperature is gradually increased from left to right).

3. Plug the power plug of this unit into the power socket and turn on the power switch.

4. Set the control small switch to the “Settings” section. At this time, the temperature displayed on the display is the set temperature. Adjust the knob and set it to the temperature you need to work. (The operating temperature you set should be higher than the ambient temperature. At this point, the machine starts to heat up, the yellow indicator light is on, otherwise the machine does not work)

5. Place the small switch of the control part on the “measurement” end. At this time, the temperature displayed on the display is the actual temperature of the water in the water tank. As the water temperature changes, the displayed number will change accordingly.

6. When heated to the temperature you need, the heating will stop automatically and the green indicator light will be on; when the heat in the water tank is dissipated below the temperature you set, a new round of heating will start again.

7. If the water temperature is not uniform, turn on the stirring function and slowly adjust the mixing knob to allow automatic circulation inside the box.

8. The machine is strictly forbidden to be used for a long time without anybody. After the evaporation in the waterproof box, the heating tube bursts.

9. After the work is completed, set the temperature control knob to the small value of zui and cut off the power.

10. If the water bath is not used for a long time, drain the water in the water tank and wipe it with a soft cloth to dry it safely.

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