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How to use the DLSB series cryogenic coolant circulation pump?

Technical Knowledge 2019-05-09 10:58:31
The cryogenic coolant circulation pump adopts a cryogenic liquid circulation device that is mechanically cooled. It has the function of providing a cryogenic liquid and a low temperature water bath. Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, the chemical reaction operation and drug storage under multi-functional low temperature are carried out. It has the functions of providing low temperature constant temperature liquid bath, low temperature constant temperature condensation cooling, low temperature constant temperature storage, establishing a second low temperature constant temperature field, etc., and is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, scientific research experiments and the like.

When using the low temperature coolant circulation pump, first fill the pump body with liquid. Under the high speed of the motor, the pump impeller rotates the liquid in the pump, and then discharges the liquid from the outlet pipe under the centrifugal force of the pump body. . The next step is the control of the cooling temperature, which is a position control according to the control system mode, which is mechanically controlled according to the low temperature coolant circulation device. After the low temperature cycle equipment is in the experimental temperature range set by the customer, the refrigeration system outputs the cooling capacity, and the liquid temperature is cooled to the required operating temperature range.

9 points that can't be ignored with a cryogenic coolant circulation pump:

1. When the liquid is circulated outside, the customer should pay special attention to the firmness of the joint of the lead pipe to prevent it from falling off to prevent the liquid from leaking out.

2. the instrument should do regular cleaning work, long-term use, empty the media in the tank, and wipe clean, keep the work surface and the operation panel clean.

3. Before using the low temperature coolant circulation pump, liquid medium (pure water, alcohol, antifreeze solution) should be added in the tank. The liquid level of the medium should not pass through the cooling coil in the tank and it is better than 20mm below the workbench.

4. Power supply: 220V50Hz, the power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument, and the power supply must have a good "grounding" device.

5. Always observe the level of the liquid level in the tank. When the liquid level is too low, the liquid medium should be added in time.

6. When the working temperature of the low temperature coolant circulation pump is low, care should be taken not to open the upper cover, and do not enter the tank to prevent frostbite.

7. After use, all switches are turned off and the power is turned off.

8. Avoid acid-base substances entering the tank to corrode the coil and the liner.

9. The instrument should be placed in a dry and ventilated place with no obstacles within 300mm around the instrument.

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