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Application of spray dryer in food industry

Technical Knowledge 2017-07-22 16:29:33
In the food industry, spray drying equipment not only allows food to maintain a good appearance and original nutritional value, but also produces coffee mate, egg yolk powder, milk powder, soup, juice powder and other products, but also has large power consumption and excessive volume. It is prone to sticking wall phenomenon and large-time investment. In the case of national environmental protection and people's demand for food, spray drying equipment needs to maintain its position in the food industry.

Sticking wall phenomenon is a prominent problem that hinders the normal operation of the spray dryer. Food materials rich in animal fats tend to deposit on the wall of the drying chamber. As time goes by, these food materials will gradually become a source of pollution and endanger food health. Therefore, many spray dryer manufacturers and experts and scholars have explored some solutions to the problem of sticking walls.

Excessive volume is limited by the placement area. With the emphasis on food production conditions, many food companies have built 300,000 or 100,000 class dust-free purification workshops, but the spray dryers cannot be placed in clean areas because of their large size. Many companies The part that collects the material will be placed in the clean area and the rest will be placed elsewhere. In the face of this situation, a spray drying equipment system is required to improve the sealing performance and prevent external environmental pollution.

The spray dryer requires a finished product particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape to meet precise standards, and the resulting pellets can achieve the desired results. Taking bulk density as an example, bulk density is one of the important characteristics of food during the spray dryer, and each measure must ensure optimum bulk density during operation. The influence of bulk density is related to powder temperature and humidity, feed temperature, particle size distribution, suction dry air temperature, product discharge temperature, air contact mode, sprayer type and position set in the spray dryer. To ensure that the bulk density of the raw materials of the food reaches the desired effect, an experienced master is required to sit down. However, with the advent of the intelligent era, if the spray dryer can analyze and judge the required spray temperature and duration according to the humidity, position and particle size of the material, it can greatly reduce the dependence of the equipment on people.

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