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Freeze dryer use precautions

Technical Knowledge 2017-07-10 16:25:15
The freeze dryer is mainly a machine consisting of a refrigeration system combined with a vacuum system and a heating system including an electrical control system. Since it is freeze-dried, there will definitely be a dry box and a refrigeration unit. There are of course some other components. In fact, there are many ways to dry, such as drying, drying or vacuum drying.

The transparent door of the drying chamber is made of aerospace acrylic, which is a high-strength material that does not leak. And this has a partition freezing function. Under normal circumstances, the freeze dryer uses international famous brand compressors, so the overall operating efficiency is relatively stable, and the noise is very small.

Many products need to be dried during production, so the freeze dryer will be used, but in order to effectively guarantee the quality of the products, we will use different drying equipment for different products, so that suitable drying is used. Drying in the way can effectively guarantee the relevant performance of the product. Among the many types of drying equipment, freeze dryers are a widely used type that is used in many production processes, especially in some food production industries. Freeze dryers have many superior properties compared to other equipment of the same type.

The freeze dryer must pay attention to some problems during use. Only after careful attention can it be used to avoid the occurrence of safety hazards. The following is a detailed introduction to the precautions of the freeze dryer during use.

The first point is the inspection work before the operation of the freeze dryer. It is not only necessary to check the parts, but also the air inside the freeze dryer. It is necessary to ensure that the second point is the load of the freeze dryer. The freeze dryer is When using it, you can't put the material in it first. It should wait until it is warmed up for a while before it can be placed. If the machine is used under load, it will cause the fault to occur.

The third point is the problem of the operation of the freeze dryer. When the freeze dryer is automatically turned off during operation, it needs to wait for three minutes before it can be turned on. It must not be started immediately, otherwise it will cause a malfunction, because it will be generated. The automatic shutdown phenomenon is definitely a problem inside, so it is necessary to wait. It may be caused by internal load phenomenon. It can only be used better after waiting for a while.

Nowadays, the vacuum freeze-drying technology has a lot of technical advantages. In many cases, people can achieve good work results and effects by using the freeze dryer. Today's freeze dryers are not only widely used in medicine, biological products, food, blood products, active substances, but also in other places.

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