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How to use the tablet friability tester

Technical Knowledge 2017-08-16 14:38:42
The friability tester is used to check the friability of non-coated tablets and other physical strengths such as crush strength. Fragility means that the tablet is susceptible to chipping, cracking, cracking, etc. after being subjected to vibration or rubbing. The friability of the tablet reflects the anti-wear and vibration resistance of the tablet and is also an important item for the inspection of the quality standard of the tablet.

Steps to operate the tablet friability tester:

1. Preparation: Clean and place the instrument on a stable and stable workbench. There should be enough space around the instrument. The working environment is free from vibration, noise, temperature and humidity, and no corrosive gas.

2. Power-on: Turn on the power cord, turn on the power switch, and hear a sound. The instrument is automatically set to the normal working state and displayed for 4 minutes (04:00).

3. Packing the sample: Firstly, according to the relevant provisions of the Pharmacopoeia, carefully remove the loose powder or granules on the surface of the tablet, accurately weigh it, remove the anti-off button, and slow the drum cover of the charging drum along the axis of rotation. Slowly pull out, place the drum cover up, place it on a flat surface, place the sample, and reinstall the drum cover on the shaft. Note that the two drums are not interchangeable, and the anti-off button is attached.

4, time setting (or number of rotation settings): If the routine test, the instrument has been set for 4 minutes (100 times) do not need to be changed, if special needs can be adjusted by the time setting, each time preset The time can be increased or decreased by 1 minute. If you use the revolution setting, you must press the “Timer” and “Start/Stop” buttons at the same time. At this time, the window displays “100” to indicate that it is preset to 100 rpm.

5. Test: After the above preparations are completed, press the “Start/Stop” button to start the test. The drum rotates evenly, 25 revolutions per minute, and the instrument counts. When the waiting time is reduced to 00:00, the motor automatically stops working and the buzzer sounds. Press the "Reset" button to return to the initial state and prepare for the next test.

6. End: Remove the anti-off button, remove the drum cover, take out the sample, remove the loose powder or particles as described above, and accurately weigh. Then calculate the results according to the relevant provisions of the Pharmacopoeia.

The main features of the tablet friability tester:

1. Single-channel double cylinder, synchronous operation, automatic timing stop.

2. The cylinder is made of high quality colorless transparent organic glass.

3. The speed and lap parameters can be preset at will, and the preset value and real-time value can be displayed in time sharing.

4. Fully automatic intelligent control of the cylinder rotation speed, the number of rotations of the two parameters; high control accuracy.

5. Automation, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.

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