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Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector
Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector

Real-time Quantitative PCR Detector

Gentier 48E real-time quantitative PCR detector is a device for real-time detection of PCR process through fluorescent signals. It is specially used for small and medium-sized laboratories, mobile laboratories, on-site detection and other workers to do fluorescence detection.
  • ModelGentier 48E
  • BrandLABOAO
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  • PackagePlywood case package
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The Gentier 48E real-time quantitative PCR detection system can be used for universal 48-well 4-color fluorescence detection, and each tube can detect 4 items at the same time, which greatly improves the experimental efficiency and avoids the inconvenience caused by repeated sample detection. Application areas include rapid food safety testing, on-site public health testing, small and medium-sized scientific research laboratories, and POCT.


1. Temperature control: The maximum heating rate is up to 8 ° C / s, and the maximum cooling rate is up to 6.1 ° C / s. It only takes 30min to complete a standard PCR amplification procedure, which can realize your rapid detection; the temperature accuracy is controlled within ± 0.1 ° C To ensure good repeatability and accuracy.

2. Fluorescence scan: It takes only 2s to complete all 48-well 4-color fluorescence scans. For users who need to use the high-resolution melting curve (HRM) function, it can significantly reduce the overall test time and greatly improve work efficiency.

3. Built-in 7-inch full-color touch screen, independent control system and USB data export function, without the need to connect to a computer, the entire experiment can be completed in a single machine operation.

4. Full Chinese system interface and wizard-based parameter setting. After simple training, you can fully grasp the standard use of the instrument and quickly have the ability to independently operate experiments.

5. Standard network interface, through the setting of network parameters, can realize remote operation, experiment monitoring and data transmission in LAN.

6. Multi-use in one machine: In addition to conventional analysis functions such as relative quantification, absolute quantification, HRM, and SNP, it is more compatible with a variety of isothermal amplification technologies for fluorescence analysis and truly realizes one machine for multiple uses.

7. Complex data analysis: In addition to the instrument operation software, it is also equipped with a set of independent data management software to achieve centralized management, statistics, and analysis of users' massive experimental data, reducing errors caused by complex analysis of the original data manually.

8. Universal report function: The built-in universal report function can adjust and customize the experimental report format according to the needs of different users, and establish its own unique experimental report style.

9. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be moved to the required place or equipped to a mobile laboratory for on-site testing according to needs.

10. Using a fixed fluorescence detection unit, no need to perform any calibration work after moving, it can be started directly.


Detection   flux

0.2ml   transparent 48-well plate without skirt, octaplex tube, single tube, etc.

Applicable   dyes / probes

Channel 1:   FAM, SYBR Green I, etc.

Channel 2:   VIC, HEX, TET, JOE, etc.

Channel 3:   ROX, Texas Red, etc.

Channel 4:   Cy5, etc.

Reaction   system


Power   Specifications

AC 220V±10%),50Hz600VA

Communication   Interface

Ethernet   (RJ45), USB


11 Kg



Temperature   Control System

Temperature   control technology

Semiconductor   refrigeration chip heating and cooling technology

Temperature   control range


Temperature   accuracy

≤ 0.1

Module   temperature control accuracy

≤ 0.1

Temperature   uniformity


Heating   rate


Average   heating rate


Cooling   rate


Average   cooling rate


Temperature   gradient


Gradient   range


Gradient   span


Temperature   control program

Supports   standard PCR, gradient PCR, landing PCR, long fragment PCR, etc.

Temperature   range of hot lid


Optical   system

Excitation   light source

Highlight   maintenance-free LED

Fluorescence   detection device


Fluorescence   scan time

48-hole   4-color detection in 2s

Excitation   wavelength

Channel 1:   470nm Channel 2: 523nm Channel 3: 571nm Channel 4: 630nm

Detection   wavelength

Channel 1:   525nm Channel 2: 564nm Channel 3: 612nm Channel 4: 670nm

Fluorescence   linear


Sample   repeatability

Ct value   CV% ≤ 0.5%

Sample   linear


Software   parameters


7-inch   full-color touch display for stand-alone operation

Software   functions

Supports   absolute quantification, relative quantification, isothermal amplification, genotyping,   endpoint fluorescence analysis, etc.

Language   support

Support   Chinese / English bilingual switching

Data   storage

Can store   ≥1000 experiment setup files / experiment data files

Remote   control

Can   realize one main control computer to control 10 instruments

Power   failure protection

Instantaneous   power failure protection, continue to run unfinished experiments after the   instrument restarts

Data   import and export

Support U   disk import and export of experimental data


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