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Isothermal amplification fluorescence detection system
Isothermal amplification fluorescence detection system

Isothermal amplification fluorescence detection system

H1600 Isothermal Amplification Fluorescence Detection System is a portable dual-slot isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument.
  • ModelLPCR-H16
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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This product adopts a dual-channel dual 8-hole module design, which can realize multiple functions in one machine, and an embedded 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen. WIN10 operating system, with analysis software, can complete quantitative analysis and print reports without a computer. It uses American MARLOW customized Peltier module, high-sensitivity photodetector and side scanning technology to ensure superior performance and stable detection results.  

Application fields: This product can be used for real-time detection in pastures, forest farms, breeding farms and water sources; rapid diagnosis of disasters and epidemic prevention and control, inspection and quarantine in the field of food safety, and scientific research in biological laboratories.


1. Dual-channel dual-module design, free collocation experiment, can realize independent operation of 2 different programs;

2. Small size, light weight, easy to carry;

3. With software analysis function, qualitative/quantitative analysis can be performed;

4. 7-inch capacitive touch screen, WIN10 operating system, simple operation, easy to experiment;

5. Built-in 20G Flash memorizer can hold up to 40,000 pieces of experimental data;

6. Optional printer, printing experiment results directly without connecting to a computer;

7. Use side scan technology, the detection distance is short, and the fluorescence collection signal is stable;

8. Black-box type reaction vessel, to avoid background noise;

9. Use the same collection light path to improve repeatability;

10. Use LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, maintenance-free;

11. The unique pull-in electromagnetic lock cover technology prevents the accidental opening of the thermal cover and cause the experiment to fail;

12. USB interface, support U inventory/PCR data, or use USB mouse to control PCR instrument;

13. The front soft shutdown button can prevent accidental file or data loss caused by the hard shutdown button;

14. Constant current control circuit, smooth power output, prolong the life of Peltier and improve temperature control accuracy;

15. With over-current, over-temperature, power-down data self-recovery protection functions, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment;

16. The design of the air duct entering from the front and exhausting from the rear enables side-by-side placement and saves laboratory space;

17. Can support lithium battery power supply, especially suitable for quick inspection and field inspection.






16×0.2ml(2×8 holes, dual-module)


0.2 ml thin-walled transparent single tube

0.2ml thin-walled transparent 8 tube

Reaction system


Temperature control technology

American MARLOW semiconductor refrigerator, more than 1   million cycles

Temperature Range


MAX. Cooling Rate


Temperature control accuracy






Display Resolution


Temperature Control

Block\Tube (Automatic control based on reaction volume)

Fluorescence excitation light wavelength


Fluorescence detection wavelength

F1: 520-540nm

F1: 520-540nm

F2: 540-580nm

Applicable fluorescent dyes

F1: FAM/SYBR Green I

F1: FAM/SYBR Green I


Excitation light source

High-brightness LED, long service life, no maintenance


High sensitivity photoelectric sensor

Dynamic range


Detection sensitivity

Can detect single copy genes

Software analysis function

Qualitative/quantitative analysis

Data export format

Excel, csv, txt

Print Function

Reports can be printed directly (USB thermal printer is   optional)

Control Method

7-inch color touch screen control, can also be   connected to computer control




300mm×267mm×198mm (L×W×H)

Net Weight


Power Supply

220VAC, 50Hz


DC15V 250W


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