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Laboratory smart ductless fume hood machine Laboratory smart ductless fume hood machine Laboratory smart ductless fume hood machine Laboratory smart ductless fume hood machine

Laboratory smart ductless fume hood machine

The ductless fume hood filter system filters and recirculates chemical fumes into the laboratory, saving energy and protecting the operator and the environment.
  • ModelLFH-13S/LFH-16S/LFS-18S
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The ductless fume hood designed to solve the high energy consumption of traditional laboratories, reduce the cost of enterprises, and protect the safety of laboratory personnel in experimental operations, it can prevent operators from inhaling some toxic and harmful, curable or unclear in the laboratory. The chemical substances in the university purify the fume hood and the air in the laboratory to provide safety protection for the laboratory personnel, and it does not deplete the energy consumption of the air conditioner, and does not discharge exhaust gas and does not pollute the environment.


Ductless fume hood principle

1. Air inlet

Air can be pumped directly into the fume hood from the laboratory to create a negative pressure that creates a natural barrier to isolate the user and the chemicals they operate.

2. Comprehensive filtration system

The fan system sucks in toxic and harmful gases, filters it and returns clean air to the room. The excellent control concentration of the cabinet ensures that the chemical gas in the cabinet will not return to the room, causing pollution.

3. Clean laboratory air

Different filters are configured according to different operations to effectively filter toxic and harmful gases, purify laboratory air, remove chemical residues and improve laboratory cleanliness.


Technical advantages

1. Humanized three-door design

2. Large LCD screen displays surface wind speed, filter saturation state, ie filter working temperature, fan working speed

3. VAV system, according to the door opening height, the fan changes the speed in real time, self-adjusts the air volume, and ensures the surface wind speed is 0.5m/s safe wind value.

4. Can access a variety of different gases or liquids, directly control the flow outside the cabinet

5. Reserve multiple laboratory dedicated sockets to provide different small instruments to work in the cabinet at the same time.

6. Optional remote monitoring system, 24-hour wireless monitoring through the client

7. Energy saving and better energy saving effect

8. The adsorption capacity is stronger and can replace the traditional outer ventilation fume hood.


Product material

1. Metal parts: main material is 1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, coated with epoxy polyester coating resistant to acid and alkali

2. Load-bearing parts: 2.0mm thick galvanized steel, strong load-bearing capacity, coated with epoxy polyester coating resistant to acid and alkali;

3. Side plate: 6mm thick acrylic plate embedded in 1.2mm galvanized steel plate

4. Front panel: 8mm thick acrylic sheet

5. Filter module: polypropylene (PP material)

LED screen display: computerized control panel, showing the temperature inside the cabinet; online monitoring of air quality changes in the laboratory and displaying the ppm value (optional) real-time monitoring of the filter outlet chemical concentration change and displaying the ppm value (optional); Online display surface wind speed, high-sensitivity probe accurate measurement; display fan speed, etc.; alarm point setting; users can set appropriate alarm points to improve the experimental safety level.


LED lighting: Power 5W is equivalent to 25W fluorescent lamp, no heat is generated, safety does not affect the experimental environment temperature; service life is more than 100,000 hours.

American PSC fan: 6W hours of life, ultra-quiet brushless motor.

Detection probe: Japan imported high-sensitivity electrochemical probe, which is corrected by American RAE company PID, with high accuracy, fast response and high stability.

Epoxy resin table top: one-piece core, with excellent chemical stability, special high-pressure kraft paper and phenolic resin are cured by high temperature, which makes the panel have strong impact resistance, flame retardant material, high temperature resistance and special surface structure. The product is resistant to scratching and abrasion.

Interface: anti-electromagnetic interference power cord

Fixed workbench (with laminate) / fixed work frame: replaces the traditional central workbench and side table, with matching fixed workbench and fixed workbench for LFH series.

Standard American PSC DC brushless silent motor, double layer molecular filter, large LCD screen, and imported electrochemical sensors from Japan.

1. Probe   operation panel

The new design can detect the saturation of the filter and the pollution status of the laboratory online. The large LCD screen is displayed in PPM units. It is corrected by RAE company PID, with high accuracy, fast response and strong stability.

2. Alarm point setting

Users points to improve the safety level of the laboratory.

3.Optional device

The operating table can be replaced according to the needs of different types of laboratories, as well as the workbench for multi-purpose use.


Application range:

Stirring, taking liquid, pipetting, weighing, rotary evaporation, mixing, ultrasonic cleaning, teaching demonstration, infrared analyzer, microplate reader, microwave digestion, high performance liquid chromatography, COD experiment, etc.






Inner   dimension




External   dimensions




Number   of filters




Air   volume / m3 / h




Surface   wind speed (m/s)








VAV   system


Temperature   monitoring


Filter   saturation and monitoring


Fan   monitoring


Indoor   TVOC monitoring


Remote   monitoring



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