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10L Touch Screen Heating Cooling Circulator 10L Touch Screen Heating Cooling Circulator
10L Touch Screen Heating Cooling Circulator 10L Touch Screen Heating Cooling Circulator

10L Touch Screen Heating Cooling Circulator

The 10L touch screen high and low temperature circulator is an LCD touch screen control panel, which has both cooling and heating functions. The circulation system is composed of a refrigeration unit, a heating unit, a circulation system, and a control system. This product is divided into capacity and temperature. Generally, the commonly used temperature is -20℃~200℃, -40℃~200℃, and various high and low temperature ranges can be customized according to customer needs.
  • ModelLGD-10SZ Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The refrigeration function of the high and low temperature circulator is to use a fully enclosed compressor for mechanical refrigeration, which is composed of a plate heat exchanger, an expansion valve, and a pressure protector to meet the cooling requirements. The heating function is to use an electric heating tube to heat the circulating fluid.

The refrigerant or heat medium is transported to the interlayer of the supporting equipment through the built-in circulating pump and the external circulating pipeline, which indirectly cools and heats the materials in the reactor. During external circulation, the upper outlet pipeline is connected to the lower inlet pipeline of the kettle body, and the circulating fluid is returned from the upper circulation port through the pipeline to the lower return port of the product to form a complete circulation space.

The heating and cooling of the high and low temperature cycle integrated machine can be quickly changed. The medium used (high and low temperature silicone oil) is the same medium, and there is no need to change the medium after connection. This improves the disadvantage of the previous heating and cooling requiring two different instruments to complete.

The entire liquid cycle of the high and low temperature cycle device is airtight, with an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid cycle are insulated, and do not participate in the liquid cycle, but are only mechanically connected. No matter whether the temperature of the liquid cycle is high or low, the expansion vessel The medium in the medium is below 60°C. It can be achieved that there is no absorption of water vapor at low temperatures, and no oil mist is produced at high temperatures.


1. The temperature control accuracy is generally ±1°C, and an external sensor can be connected (the temperature difference accuracy of installing an external sensor is generally ±0.5°C).

2. It has a PLC computer module, which can be connected to a computer, can realize remote control, can realize multi-point continuous temperature control, segmented temperature control, constant temperature, and one computer can control multiple high and low temperature devices. (It is more convenient to use, and work efficiency is improved to a greater extent)

3. Equipped with USB interface, with data download function. (Data download function enables customers to download and store data related to materials that have been tested or reacted, and provide reference data for testing)

4. Maximum temperature limit to prevent the equipment from getting out of control (if the maximum temperature is exceeded, the equipment will automatically power off to prevent damage to the equipment due to excessive temperature)

5. Power supply protection (①the power supply is missing item ②the live wire is wrong item ③the voltage is too high or too low (display error code E-01)

6. Compressor overheating protection (the compressor will stop working when the compressor's withstand limit is reached, and the error code E-O2 will be displayed).

7. The water cooling has water flow and low water pressure protection (error code E-03 is displayed).

8. Sensor protection (display error code E-04).

9. All compressors are imported compressors (France, Denmark).


(1) The high and low temperature circulation device is connected to the oil pipe of the reactor, which should not exceed 4 meters (the return and return oil pipes are 2 meters each), and the connecting oil pipe exceeds 4 meters to break the glass of the reactor body.

(2) The temperature rise and fall rate of the high and low temperature cycle device is affected by the surrounding environment. (Generally, the maximum temperature range of the environment is 30℃)

(3) In areas with relatively humid environments (humidity>50%), explosion-proof type should be adopted.

(4) Both the high and low temperature circulation device and the oil circuit connection of the reactor adopt "low inlet and high outlet".





Operating   temperature range



Ambient   temperature


Environment   humidity

≤70% ventilation

Power supply



Safety   protection

Delay, over   current, over heat, over temperature, phase sequence, phase loss protection

Display   screen

7-inch touch   color screen program temperature control

Temperature   control accuracy




Total power   of the whole machine



Heating   power




Fully   enclosed







Cooling   capacity



The   refrigerant


Body   material

Cold plate sprayed   anti-corrosion material



Net weight




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