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1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine
1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine 1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine

1000L Heating Cooling Circulator Machine

Large-scale explosion-proof high and low temperature circulation pumps (explosion-proof refrigeration units) are mainly used for testing and production in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. They can generally be used with rotary evaporators, glass reactors and other instruments and equipment with interlayers or cooling coils. The objects or containers that need to be cooled can also be directly placed into the bath for cooling or reaction.
  • ModelLGD-1000/40
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy operation and good stability, making it an ideal equipment for experiments and pilot tests. LGD series high and low temperature circulation tanks, high and low temperature oil bath circulation tanks, and high and low temperature circulation pumps are high and low temperature oil bath external circulation devices. Their working principle is: through data programming of the intelligent thermostat of the equipment, the temperature sensing system feeds back the temperature of the container. The data enables the controller to control the refrigeration of the compressor so that the medium in the cold tank obtains a low temperature. The medium in the cavity obtains a high temperature through heating by the heater. The temperature of the medium in the tank reaches the user's requirements through a rapid cooling and heating process. Finally, there is no leakage. The shielded circulation pump transports the medium to external equipment (such as a reactor), and after connecting the reflux and opening the valve, the purpose of heat circulation exchange can be achieved. The LGD series high and low temperature circulation devices produced by our company can be easily used with double-layer glass reactors, stainless steel jacketed reactors, enamel reactors, extraction equipment and other products, realizing the multi-purpose of the LGD series products.

When the temperature of the glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, enamel reactor, extraction equipment and other devices equipped with the LGD series high and low temperature circulation device needs to be raised or lowered rapidly, this device can quickly reach the set temperature. This equipment can quickly switch between heating and cooling, and the medium used (heat-conducting oil) is the same medium, which completely improves the shortcomings of the previous need for two different instruments to complete heating and cooling. The entire liquid circulation of the LGD series high and low temperature circulation device is sealed and equipped with an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are insulated and do not participate in the liquid circulation. They are only mechanically connected. Regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low, the expansion The medium in the container is all below 60 degrees. The entire liquid circulation is also a closed system, which can achieve no absorption of water vapor at low temperatures and no generation of oil mist at high temperatures. The original heat transfer oil market that matches LGD series products is very wide (low temperature -120℃ ~ high temperature 200℃); the entire The circulation system is sealed and leak-free.


1. The equipment adopts corrugated plate heat exchanger with large heat exchange area and fast heat exchange speed.

2. The entire liquid cycle is sealed, and there is no volatilization of oil mist at high temperatures, so the heat transfer oil will not be oxidized or browned; it will not absorb water vapor in the air at low temperatures, extending the life of the heat transfer oil and reducing the cost of use.

3. Precisely controlling the temperature of chemical reactions is the first choice for safely controlling exothermic reactions.

4. The equipment adopts PID intelligent control, automatically adjusts the power output according to the chemical process, accurately controls the temperature of the reaction process, and meets the temperature change requirements of the reaction process.

5. The specially customized circulation pump can provide the maximum flow rate, generate the minimum pressure and heat, achieve the highest heat exchange efficiency, minimum system resistance, minimum pump system heat, and minimum system energy 




Can be equipped with stainless steel reactor


Volume of liquid tanks


Heating volume


Temperature range


Optimum ambient temperature


Ambient relative humidity


Minimum temperature without load


Power supply

380V±10% 50HZ

Heating port


Cooling power


Temperature control accuracy




Medium viscosity


Circulation pump power





140 L/min


4 Mpa


Copeland 35P




Fully enclosed leak-free special pump

Inlet and outlet nozzle

DN50 (low in and high out) can be customized

Temperature control method

Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, LCD display

Display temperature resolution

Set arbitrarily within the temperature control   range, the minimum display value is 0.1

Safety protection

With delay, leakage, overcurrent and   overheating protection

Body material

Plastic spray anti-corrosion

Overall machine size




Stainless steel hose

2pcs. The diameter and length of the pipe can be customized according to   the customer


  1. Factory direct sales with competitive price.
  2. Premium quality with CE & ISO certification.
  3. Strong product OEM & ODM customization capability.
  4. Promise production & on-time delivery.
  5. Perfect after-sales service, free product accessories.
  6. 15 years of experience in R&D and production of heater chiller circulator machine.
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We have a standard production workshop and a complete production team. They always produce a serious and responsible attitude to produce each product. Our R&D team is made up of multi-aspects professional engineers such as design engineer,technology specialist ,qualified specialist and process control manager, etc. Our qualified specialists strictly realize the process comprehensive supervision based on our quality process control system, which contains products design, research and development, test, production, quality inspection and packaging.

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Our product packaging has been proven over the long term and we usually have plywood boxes or cartons with trays. We will arrange the appropriate packaging according to the weight and size of the goods. Of course, you can also choose the packaging form.

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Our laboratory instruments and equipment are used in many scientific laboratories, scientific research institutions, universities, hospitals, centers for disease control and other institutions, and are combined with many well-known biopharmaceuticals, new energy, electronics companies, food processing, environmental protection, etc. Enterprise cooperation, our stable and reliable products are exported to more than 120 countries around the world, and have been highly recognized by them, believe LABOAO, we grow together!

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