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Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter
Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter

Desktop In-situ Sterilized Glass Fermenter

The in-situ sterilized glass fermentation tank can be stirred during sterilization. The sterilization is safe and reliable, intuitive and transparent, suitable for teaching and scientific research, compact desktop design, saving space.There are tanks with 1L/2L/3L/5L/7L/10L working volume for selection.The ventilation mode can be enhanced by the additional optional mass flow meter and increase the oxygen-enriched bypass function.
  • ModelLBR -XGCA/XGJA Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The LBR -XGCA/XGJA multifunctional glass biological fermentation system uses a color touch screen to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation. Four peristaltic pumps are installed on the front of the control box to add acid, alkali, defoamer and culture medium to the fermenter. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated into the fermentation system. It adopts the direct coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the upper part or the magnetic indirect coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the lower part. The structure is simple and the operation is stable. The sterilization method is in-situ automatic program sterilization.

Application areas:

• Discover secondary metabolites or new enzyme activities in heterogeneous mixed culture products;

• High-throughput screening research, mutant strain distribution research and construction of E. coli library or yeast library;

• Metabolic flux research and high-throughput screening of highly active mutant strains;

• Comparative studies, such as: isolation and screening of clinical strains;

• Optimization of growth medium for cell lines or high-yield strains;


1. The tank is a combination of high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant silicon borosilicate glass cylinder and 316L stainless steel

2. Rotameter display, adjust the flow of gas according to process requirements

3. Fermentation pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature are controlled by intelligent PID

4. Perfect feeding system (acid, alkali, foaming enemy, culture agent), can feed regularly and quantitatively;

5. Electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishing defoamer, automatic foam control



In-situ   sterilization magnetically stirred glass fermentation tank (desktop)

In-situ   sterilization mechanically stirred glass fermentation tank (desktop)







316 stainless   steel + high boron glass

Stirring method

Magnetic   coupling at the bottom drives mechanical stirring at the top

Shaft coupling   drive top mechanical agitation

Sterilization   method

In situ   sterilization

Basic   configuration

Temperature,   speed, PH, dissolved oxygen, replenishment, defoaming, air flow (manual),   tank pressure (manual)

Control System

LBR-B biological   process controller



Shape space


Net weight


Scalable   configuration

Liquid level   control, feeding and weighing system, two-way feeding, online detection of   methanol and ethanol content, exhaust O2 and CO2 detection, etc.


1. Weighing with replenishing balance 

2. Tank weighing 

3. Air flow automatic control 

4. Tank pressure detection 

5. Bypass pure oxygen 

6. Redox potential online detection 

7. Methyl (ethyl) alcohol content online detection and control 

8. Tail gas O2, CO2 content online detection


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