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5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus
5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus 5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus

5L Laboratory Exhaust Gas Absorption Standard Apparatus

Laboratory-scale equipment can be used for gas-liquid reaction or tail gas absorption in various occasions. The gas absorption device can be used in laboratory fume hoods, and can also be used in different fume hoods after supporting mobile racks or desktop racks. This machine contains main components such as main absorption tank, absorption tower, glass packing, circulating pump, cooling device, spray cap, (buffer tank) and so on.
  • ModelLYWQ-5L
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Laboratory scale gas scrubber for use in many air and exhaust cleanup tasks. Gas scrubbing takes place when the exhaust enters the inlet in the round bottom flask and travels upward through the absorption column. The scrubbing fluid is pumped from the round bottom flask upwards into the shower head adapter and then flows counter-current to the exhaust gas through the packed column thereby causing intensive contact between the two. Scrubber can be used by creating either a positive flow through the reaction vessel using a carrier such as nitrogen, or by connection of a vacuum source to the column adapter.


1. Water spray system, good spray effect

2. Prevent back absorption of absorbent

3. Built-in glass filler

4. The use of high vacuum ball grinding mouth has good air tightness

Work Process

After the circulation pump is turned on, the absorption liquid is pumped into the shower from the round-bottomed flask via the condensing line through the circulation pump, sprayed from the tower cap down through the absorption tower and re-entered into the absorption tank, contact with the absorption liquid filled with glass filler, so that the gas and liquid are fully mixed, so as to achieve the purpose of absorption. If the temperature of the exhaust gas is high, the condensing pipe needs to be connected to cool the absorption liquid. This device can be carried out with an active absorption device, such as using nitrogen as a carrier gas, or vacuum to guide through the absorption device.


The scrubbing liquid contained in the scrubber needs to be selected according to the nature of the gas to be purified and impurities. For acidic impurities, alkaline detergents (such as sodium hydroxide solution) are usually used; for alkaline impurities, acidic detergents (such as chromic acid lotion) can be used; For sexual impurities, you can use oxidizing detergents (such as potassium permanganate solution), etc. When choosing a detergent (a certain solution), you should ensure the following two points:

① The solute in the detergent can chemically react with the impurity gas, so that the impurity can be converted into precipitation or become soluble substances to dissolve. Alternatively, the solvent in the detergent can fully dissolve the impurity gas, thereby achieving the purpose of removing the impurity gas.

②The main gas has a low solubility in the detergent and is not absorbed by the detergent in a large amount. For example, when the chlorine containing hydrogen chloride is washed with saturated brine, a large amount of hydrogen chloride is dissolved in the brine, and the chlorine is not easily dissolved in the saturated brine, thereby achieving the purpose of removing the impurity gas. For another example, when using concentrated sodium bicarbonate to wash carbon dioxide containing hydrogen chloride, hydrogen chloride reacts with sodium bicarbonate to be fully absorbed, carbon dioxide does not react with sodium bicarbonate, and has low solubility in the solution, thereby achieving the purpose of removing impurity gases. If sodium carbonate solution is used instead, sodium bicarbonate is generated by the reaction of carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate solution, and the carbon dioxide is also fully absorbed by the solution. This method is not advisable.




Stainless steel frame

304 stainless steel frame

Spherical kettle body

Volume: 5L, material: high   borosilicate glass, expansion coefficient 3.3, number of openings: 2 suction   ports, 1 feed port, 1 discharge port

Discharge bottom valve

1 set

Buffer bottle

1, capacity 5L

Liquid feed switch

2 pcs

Pumping head

1 piece




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