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Working Principle Of Three-layer Glass Reactor

Technical Knowledge 2023-02-17 14:23:43
The three-layer glass reactor is mainly used for experiments such as material distillation, synthesis, and concentration. The kettle can be pumped to a negative pressure state to meet different experimental conditions. The uniform dropwise addition of materials can be controlled through the constant pressure funnel or the valve on the feeding bottle; the distillation or reflux of the solvent can be realized by using the heat exchange function of the condenser.

It has double interlayers. The inner interlayer is connected to a temperature control circulation device, and the temperature of the material in the kettle is adjusted through the circulating fluid; the outer interlayer can be pumped to a negative pressure state to realize the vacuum temperature insulation function, which can prevent frosting of the kettle body at low temperature and facilitate observation of the reaction status in the kettle.

The three-layer glass reactor system includes: glass unit, stirring unit and integral support. The overall support of the reaction kettle and the fixture of the kettle body are uniquely designed, which is convenient for users to quickly install/disassemble the whole system for easy replacement and cleaning.


1.It is made of high borosilicate glass material G3.3, which has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, good mechanical properties, and high temperature resistance

2. The seal is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and the temperature range is -80~+230℃

3. The pressure range in the kettle: -0.1MPa~0MPa; the vacuum degree of the system can reach 0.095MPa

4. The temperature range of the kettle body: -80℃~200℃

5. The process kettle body can be customized to imitate the shape of the pilot test or industrial production kettle body, and the height-to-diameter ratio is 1.25:1 to reduce the amplification effect

6. The intelligent control system realizes the temperature, speed, pressure, torque and other parameters on the same screen display, which is convenient for recording and operation, and can realize temperature recording and output; a PH meter can be installed.

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