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What should I pay attention to when using the distilled water?

Technical Knowledge 2019-03-23 17:20:52
The distilled water is obtained by electrically heating tap water to obtain pure water. Steam is produced by heating distilled water and condensed into distilled water, which is suitable for use in pharmaceuticals, preparations, laboratories, laboratories, etc.

1. Wash the inside once every day before use, and drain the water, replace the fresh water, so as to avoid the scale caused by the water quality, affecting the use effect.

2. The impurities in the water source will be left behind by evaporation. Especially if the tap water is poor in water quality and has not been treated, after evaporation, the deposit will be left with sediment scale, condensed on the barrel wall, the surface of the electric heating tube, and the condenser. The inner wall of the outer casing, the return pipe, etc., accumulate over time, not only hinder the smooth flow of the waterway, but also affect the condensation effect, so as to reduce the amount of water produced; for the electric heating pipe, it will also accumulate its heat and shorten its service life. Therefore, the scales in the above places should be removed frequently. Removal method: A layer of dirt can be washed on the surface with a brush. However, depending on the combination of dirt, a weak acid or weak alkali solution is used for cleaning. Please be careful when washing: Do not use excessive force to damage the parts.

3. The heating element of the distilled water is an immersed electric heating tube. Its structure is made of nickel-chromium alloy as the heating main body, buried in the center of the copper tube, and surrounded by magnesium oxide as the insulation. Therefore, once the water is cut off, the heat generated cannot be absorbed by the water, which will cause the copper tube sheath to burst and burn. Therefore, it must be submerged in water for use.

4. The distiller must be operated by a special person. The new operator must be clearly explained.

5. The electrical part should be inspected regularly and reliably grounded.

6. If the user replaces the electric heating tube by maintenance, the gasket at the joint must be well-lined to ensure no water leakage. Otherwise, the head of the electric heating tube will break down the insulation when it is energized due to the adhesion of water droplets. The nut should be tightened at the joint of each wire to avoid sparking after powering and burning the head of the heating pipe.

7. The newly purchased distiller should be cleaned and evaporated for more than eight hours to clean the inside. It is then officially used to ensure that the water quality meets the requirements.

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