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The difference between biological safety cabinets and fume hoods and clean benches

Technical Knowledge 2019-03-24 15:56:43
Biosafety cabinets are widely used in health care, disease prevention and control, food hygiene, biopharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, and various biological laboratories. They are an important foundation for ensuring biosafety and environmental safety. Fume hoods and clean benches are not biosafety cabinets and should not be used in experiments or production processes involving microbial materials.

The biosafety cabinet is used to maintain the operator, the laboratory environment, and the test article to prevent exposure to the above operation process when it is used to manipulate infectious materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains, and diagnosed specimens. Planned for the occurrence of infectious aerosols and splashes. The incoming air is filtered by the air supply filter, and is settled down from the top and at a certain rate, and then flows downward through the table. A special vertical air curtain with a certain wind speed is formed at the opening of the door glass to prevent unfiltered. The air goes straight in.

The fume hood is planned to remove corrosive chemical gases and toxic fumes during chemical testing. The fume hood cannot effectively remove microbial media, and discharges various harmful and odorous gases, odors, moisture and corrosive substances into the atmosphere, and prevents the microbial samples from being scattered outside the cabinet in the fume hood. Contamination laboratory environment.

The clean workbench draws ambient air into the pre-filter through a fan, and then filters through the high-efficiency filter, and the filtered air enters the operation area. It is planned for the maintenance of test articles or commodities. Vertical or horizontal laminar air blown through the work area prevents the test articles or commodities from being contaminated by dust or bacteria outside the work area. Once the microbial sample is placed in the work area, laminar air will risk the blowing of air with microbial media to the front-end operator.

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