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Three Misunderstandings In The Use Of Laboratory Ultrapure Water Machines

Technical Knowledge 2023-05-15 14:46:43
As the basic equipment of the laboratory, the laboratory ultrapure water machine brings high efficiency and convenience to scientific researchers. However, some users only stay at the level of usage, and still don't know much about the device. Some users still have many misunderstandings in the process of using the device.

1. Continue to use the pretreatment filter element after washing

As the first treatment unit in the ultrapure water system, the pretreatment filter element can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, rust, ions, etc. in the raw water, and play a certain role in protecting the equipment. At the same time, these trapped impurities will all be distributed inside and outside the filter element. If things go on like this, the color of the filter element will accumulate and become darker, and finally turn into dark black. At this time, it needs to be replaced.Take the common PP cotton filter element as an example, the thickness of the filter layer is generally 2cm. When impurities are trapped in the filter layer, washing them can only wash away the impurities on the surface, and the internal impurities still exist. Such a filter element is put into use again, and the filtering effect can be imagined. Not only will it affect the treatment effect of the pretreatment device, but it will even lead to insufficient water supply for reverse osmosis in the rear stage.

2. Poor disinfection and maintenance lead to microbial contamination

Composite polyamide membranes are often used in ultrapure water systems. Although they have strong pH tolerance, they are not resistant to oxidation and have poor resistance to residual chlorine. Some users have insufficient awareness of microbial prevention: they did not regularly disinfect the entire system; they did not maintain it in time during intermittent operation; As a result, it is very easy to cause microbial contamination problems. In many cases, the microorganisms in pure water exceed the standard, which is caused by poor disinfection and maintenance. If you are using a laboratory ultra-pure water machine, the built-in ultraviolet sterilizer can effectively sterilize and reduce TOC, and there will be no worries about microbial contamination.

3. The replacement cycle of consumables is fixed

When installing and training ultrapure water machines, users and friends often ask such questions: How long can your consumables last? As far as the user is concerned, the longer it is used, the better. It would be great if there is no need to replace it. This has led some salespeople to exaggerate the service life of consumables in order to win over potential customers.In fact, the replacement cycle of consumables is affected by many factors such as its own quality, equipment working conditions, raw water quality, and water production volume, and is not fixed. Only through scientific and careful calculations can we roughly calculate how much water the consumable can filter and how long it can last. When to replace it, it should be judged according to the actual usage, water production efficiency, purification effect, etc.

Only correct use and regular maintenance can the laboratory ultrapure water machine run more efficiently and produce purer water for us.

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