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Shaker Accessories Introduction

Technical Knowledge 2023-11-02 17:08:26
When cultivating on a shaker, Erlenmeyer flasks, infusion bottles, test tubes, centrifuge tubes, culture plates and other containers are used to place the culture medium for cultivation. In order to fix these containers on the shaker plate of the shaker, different accessories are used to fix them, and there are also some accessories to improve the efficiency of the culture or the convenience of use.

1. Superimposed constant temperature oscillator bracket

When the superimposed constant temperature oscillator is placed directly on the ground and used, people need to squat or bend down very low to operate. At this time, it is recommended to use the bracket for high use, which is more ergonomic and easy to pick and place. Of course, if you prepare three When stacking tables, in order not to make the height of the uppermost layer too high, we can only give up the bracket.



2. Double cradle

When using a small Erlenmeyer flask below 150ml, double-layer cradles can be used to improve the utilization of internal space and double the capacity, but the maximum speed should be controlled within 180rpm, which is mainly suitable for IS-5 and IS-6. Series with higher space.


3. Separating funnel fixture

There is a relatively special-shaped culture container: a separatory funnel. When this container is used for cultivation, it is clamped by two L-shaped plates with rubber rings, so that it can well protect the safety of this relatively fragile glassware when it is oscillating.


4. Passive humidification and automatic water replenishment device

Usually, in the cell culture shaker, a humidification plate is placed to ensure a high humidity (80%~90%) in the box, which prevents the evaporation of water in the incubator, thereby stabilizing the pH value of the medium, but Most of the water in the humidification tray will evaporate in a few days. It is best to add water to the humidification tray every 3 days. Once forgotten, it will cause loss of culture. For this reason, an accessory such as an automatic water replenisher is provided. When the liquid level of the humidification pan is low, it will automatically recognize and add water, and when it is full of water, it will automatically stop the liquid supply. It is more convenient to use a 15L humidification reservoir, which can guarantee evaporative humidification for several weeks, and the transparent reservoir outside the box is easy to observe that the water level is low, and it is also convenient to replenish water.


5. Active humidifier

Also in cell culture, in order to maintain the PH value of the medium, the accessory that directly monitors the humidity in the box through the humidity feedback of the humidity sensor is the active humidifier, which uses the liquid steam after high temperature and high pressure sterilization (the outlet temperature reaches above 110°C), The suspended water vapor molecules are formed, and the free water vapor sprayed out is taken away by the wind of the air circulation fan inside the box, fully mixed with the air in the air duct, and then diffused to all parts of the box, so that the humidity rises evenly and quickly. In this way, neither condensation will adhere to the inner wall and accessories of the box, nor will the temperature in the box be increased, because the high-temperature liquid vapor is extremely small, and when the humidity reaches the set humidity value, it will stop injecting water into the humidifier, thereby achieving stop Humidification, so the water consumption is very small, a bucket of 15L of water can be used for 1 to 3 months. The more important advantage is that the humidification is precise and fast, especially when the door is opened and closed frequently. It can reduce the evaporation of water in the medium to a greater extent than the humidification of the evaporation tank, and at the same time reduce the growth of bacteria.


6. Active humidity controller

When some special cells and bacteria require a low-humidity culture environment, the humidity of the culture environment can be controlled by an active humidity controller, and the gas is pumped out from the box to the accessory, humidified by steam or cooled and dehumidified, and then the new air is input into the box to achieve The effect of humidification or dehumidification will also correct the temperature at the same time, so that the air returning to the box will not affect the temperature field in the original box. This accessory is connected to the main body of the shaker through integrated tubing.

7. Static partition

In the upper space of the shaker, a static partition for static culture can be installed and configured to place petri dishes and culture plates for static culture. And when the user needs to use a larger Erlenmeyer flask for cultivation, the static partition can also be pulled out to restore the upper space.


8. Visor

Because some components in the medium need to be protected from light, such as glutamine, and when cells are cultured with ultraviolet light or visible light, riboflavin, tyrosine, tryptophan, etc. will produce toxic photoproducts, inhibiting cell growth, etc. . Therefore, during cell culture, it is necessary to turn off the lighting and prevent all kinds of light from the observation window. Users often use opaque materials to paste the observation window of the cell shaker to avoid light, but the protection from light is not reliable enough. It is not convenient at all times. A light-shielding panel made of metal and easy to assemble and disassemble is specially prepared. There is also an observation window that can be opened and closed freely. The structure is tightly fitted and the light transmittance is "zero".


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