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Stackable Thermostatic Shaker With Co2 Incubator Function Stackable Thermostatic Shaker With Co2 Incubator Function
Stackable Thermostatic Shaker With Co2 Incubator Function Stackable Thermostatic Shaker With Co2 Incubator Function

Stackable Thermostatic Shaker With Co2 Incubator Function

The constant temperature oscillator with ultraviolet culture function is more suitable for the combination of laboratory experiments and cultivation.
  • ModelLIS-6C/LIS-6C5
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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With refrigeration stackable constant temperature oscillator, it can be used alone or three stacked on top of each other, and only one floor of the stacked constant temperature oscillator is needed. Three-axis eccentric balance movement, stable and reliable, long service life. The speed control system has a speed terminal feedback system to keep the machine oscillating with high precision.


1. Advanced self-adaptive full-automatic PID control According to the difference of each machine, self-learning and setting of relevant parameters to ensure that temperature and speed achieve high-precision and high-stability control.

2. Strong cooling capacity Can be cooled to 18 ° C below ambient temperature.

3. Pull-out rocker plate the rocker plate can be easily pulled out of the loading and unloading fixture and then pushed into the lock. There is only one locking handle in the middle, which is fast and convenient.

4. Super-view 10-inch color touch screen Modular classification display different functions, 10-inch screen large-angle display control parameters.

5. Capacitive touch screen operation is sensitive. Capacitive screens are easier and more comfortable to operate than resistive screens, and there is no response by pressing hard.

6. The display interface is concise Multiple functions, set values and actual values are displayed on the same interface. Clear at a glance, easy to find and simple to operate.

7. The display screen has automatic lock screen, automatic close screen display and password protection functions to prevent mis operation or other non-related personnel from performing non-permitted operations.

8. Can be arbitrarily superimposed and combined. It can be purchased in a single unit. It can be arbitrarily superimposed when adding machines in the later stage.

9. Two-way UV sterilization the cavity is equipped with two sets of UV sterilization components to enhance the sterilization effect and reduce the dead angle of sterilization.

10. Imported frequency conversion compressor is quiet, durable, high refrigeration efficiency and energy saving.

11. Ultra-quiet design the entire machine system runs very quietly, no more than 50 d B, working in the same room with the machine, giving you a quiet environment.

12. Shake plate light start and slow stop design. The speed of the shake plate starts slowly and stops gradually to prevent damage to bacteria or cells due to excessive shear forces.

13. The bottom of the inner cavity and the shaking plate can be washed with high pressure water. The cleaning is simple, fast and efficient.

14. Fully automatic defrost function the machine can automatically and intelligently defrost according to its own needs, without entering the specified time and any other settings.

15. Energy-saving control Using special control technology, the whole machine is basically in an ultra-energy-saving state, saving you more power.

16. DC brushless motor drive Low noise, high efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, minimal heat, and does not affect the temperature in the cavity.

17. Double cross-flow fan drives air circulation. High wind pressure, large air volume, low noise, low heat generation and long life.

18. Multiple sound and light alarm and protection functions Over temperature alarm, over speed alarm, sensor failure alarm, timing alarm, door open alarm, over concentration alarm, over humidity alarm, leakage protection, no air intake alarm (CO2 function machine).

19, 12-segment full-automatic program control function You can set 12 different speeds, temperatures and times, and then run according to these 12-segment programs.

20. Door opening protection When the door is opened, the machine stops running to protect the safety of the operator.

21. Automatic recovery of incoming calls When a power outage is encountered during operation, the call will resume automatically according to the original procedure.

22. Ultra-long timing the running time can be set from 0 to 999 hours and 59 minutes. The remaining time is displayed on the touch screen during operation, and the "program-controlled operation end" is prompted at the end of operation.

23. Powerful data storage function It can store data for more than 2 years of continuous operation. Record one data per minute.

24. Real-time data query function the operation data of the last 7 days can be queried on the display. Record one data per minute.

25. U disk export data function With USB interface, it is convenient for U disk to export operation data records for more than 2 years.

26. Alarm information recording and query function Alarm information is memorized and query able.

27. The display has a real-time temperature curve display function. Historical data and real-time data are displayed on the same curve at a glance.

28. English interface switching function in the display If you are used to the English interface, you can switch at any time.

29. Optional constant temperature oscillator remote Wifi monitor to realize wireless LAN monitoring or Internet remote wireless mobile phone monitoring. Multiple phones can monitor the same machine.

30. Optional computer monitoring software for wired LAN computer monitoring. Can send SMS alerts.





product name

401L, Touch   Screen, with Co2

401L, Touch   Screen, With Co2, Amplitude 50

Shaker size


Number of   flask clamps / stickers

FlaskClip:50ml*135/100ml*60/150ml*60/200ml*60/250ml*60/500ml*34/1000ml*22/2000ml*15/3000ml*12/5000ml   (Thomson)*6

Adhesive   pad:50ml*187/100ml*112/150ml*104/200ml*84/250ml*77/500ml*40/1000ml*28/2000ml*15/3000ml*15/5000ml   (Thomson)*6



Maximum load


Temperature   control range

Below room   temperature 18 -60 (minimum 4 )

Temperature   control accuracy


Temperature   uniformity

+/- 0.5 (@37 )

Rotation   speed


Speed   accuracy

+/-1 rpm




CO2 sensor

IR   (infrared)

CO2   concentration control range


CO2   concentration control accuracy


Temperature   recovery time after opening the door for 30s

≤6 min (@37)

CO2 concentration   recovery time after 30s of door opening and restart

≤6 min (@5%)

Humidity   type

Natural   humidification



Programmable   number of segments

12 segments


Two-way   lighting


UV   sterilization

Door opening   method

Down open

Set   parameter protection

password   protection

Curve   display type

Humidity   curve, speed curve, CO2 concentration curve, humidity curve

Display   method

Capacitive,   10-inch color touch screen

Timing range

0-999 hours   and 59 minutes

USB flash   drive export data


Days of   operation parameters can be checked on the screen

Within seven   days

Run data   storage cycle

More than   912 days

Operation   data storage interval

1 minute

Data storage   content

Running   time, temperature parameters, speed parameters, humidity parameters, running   status

Automatic   defrost


Turn off   screen display automatically


Auto lock   screen


The third   layer shake plate height


Rocker with   track


Noise level

≤55dB(When   cooling)



Interface   language


Automatic   call recovery


Heating   power


Cooling   power




Power supply

AC   220V+/-22V, 50/60HZ

Active   humidification (optional)

10% -95%   above ambient humidity optional

WIFI mobile monitoring   (optional)


Computer   monitoring (optional)


Shading   plate (optional)


Net weight


Inner cavity   working height



1400*886*(600+80   Foot height) mm


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