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Safety operation notes for constant temperature shaker

Technical Knowledge 2019-06-19 08:49:51
The constant temperature shaker is made up of various liquid and solid compounds such as biological, biochemical, cell, and bacterial species in various research institutions such as universities, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, and environmental testing because of its unique characteristics of oscillation culture. Oscillating culture plays a very large role.

Oscillation is essential when doing these constant temperature shaker culture oscillation experiments. However, the shaker can also be called an oscillator, so they are the same in this respect, but when doing the culture oscillation experiment, A very important indicator is the temperature. The temperature requirements for each culture experiment are also different. When the temperature required for the experiment is above 25 °C, the two shakers are fine, but when the temperature requirement is lower than 25 ° C or lower. The constant temperature shaker may not meet the requirements, and at this time, a full temperature shaker is required. The full name of the full temperature shaker is a full temperature constant temperature culture shaker. Since it is full temperature, their temperature range is relatively large. The temperature range of our full temperature air shaker is 5-60 ° C, while the temperature range of ordinary constant temperature shaker is room temperature -60 ° C, so when the experimental temperature is lower than room temperature, the ordinary constant temperature shaker can not meet the experiment. Requested. At this time, a full temperature shaker equipped with a compressor refrigeration must be used.

Place the constant temperature shaker on a smooth working surface and gently press down. Four suction cups on the bottom of the instrument will automatically suck the table. If you move the instrument's working position, you must pull up the suction cup one by one before moving. Direct power supply 220V 50Hz, put the power switch in the "NO" position, the indicator light is on. Adjust the "Speed Adjustment" knob and select the appropriate shaking frequency to work. Remove the plug after the end of the experiment to ensure safety.

The safe operation of the constant temperature shaker has eight knowledge points and needs attention.

1. The constant temperature shaker power supply should have a grounding device to avoid accidents.

2. full temperature culture shaker can not be used in the environment with flammable gas, such as the discovery of flammable gas leakage, do not remove the power plug, turn off the thermostat or light switch, otherwise it will produce electric flowers, causing fire.

3. Turn off the power when preparing for work or accessing the test article.

4. The placement of the load in the box should not affect the air circulation, and the temperature inside the box will be uniform.

5. The constant temperature shaker oscillator is in the range of speed, and the medium speed can extend the service life of the instrument.

6. The full temperature culture shaker should be placed on a firm, dry, ventilated floor or on a work bench.

7. Install the test bottle. In order to balance the performance of the constant temperature shaker and avoid large vibrations, all the test bottles should be filled when bottling. If the number of culture bottles is insufficient, the test bottles can be placed symmetrically. .

8. After using the constant temperature incubator, the inner and outer surfaces of the instrument must be cleaned and kept clean. It is forbidden to clean with acid chemical thinner, gasoline or the like during cleaning.

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