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Common high speed centrifuges and application areas

Technical Knowledge 2016-08-23 16:41:05
Centrifuge is an indispensable instrument in biological experiments. It seems to be a universal instrument, but it has a lot of knowledge. In the experimental operation, we need to understand the knowledge of the centrifuge and use it reasonably to serve our experiment more stably.

Common high speed centrifuges are as follows:

Low temperature high speed centrifuge

The low temperature high speed centrifuge is beautiful and practical, generally controlled by a microcomputer, a touch panel, and a digital display. The centrifuge's centrifuge chamber temperature can be reduced to below zero degrees Celsius, and is used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfate precipitates, and immunoprecipitates, which are commonly found in various biochemical laboratories.

Laboratory high speed centrifuge

Laboratory high-speed centrifuges are instruments that use centrifugal force generated by a rotating rotor to separate substances of different densities and different particle sizes in a suspension or emulsion, or to analyze them while separating. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for use in laboratories such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental, mining, and teaching.

High speed refrigerated centrifuge

At present, the domestically produced high-speed refrigerated centrifuges are mostly microcomputer-controlled, high-torque AC inverter brushless motors directly driven, no toner contamination, extended service life, equipped with a variety of rotor users, large-screen LCD display, imported high energy efficiency Fluorine refrigeration system, capable of high-speed centrifugation, low-speed and large-capacity centrifugation, realizes one machine multi-function, embodied in touch panel, digital display, programmable operation, user can set centrifugal speed, centrifugation time, RCF value and lifting The speed curve and 25 groups can store, modify, and call the centrifugation program.

Vertical high speed large capacity centrifuge

The vertical high-speed large-capacity centrifuge adopts microcomputer control, which can directly set the rotation speed and automatically calculate the RCF value. The RCF value can be directly set and automatically converted into speed; the operating parameters can be automatically remembered, and the parameters can be modified during operation. Generally, it has a variety of custom program storage functions; it has soft brake, rotor number recognition, over temperature, over speed, unbalance and door cover safety protection function, and displays fault information and audible alarm in the display window.

Floor-standing high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

The floor-standing high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is directly driven, eliminating the need for vacuuming, eliminating the need for belt change and vacuum system maintenance. The cytoplasm, virus cells, chemical substances, etc. can be centrifuged and concentrated, and are widely used in high-tech fields such as molecular biology and biochemistry.

Desktop high speed refrigerated centrifuge

The desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is small in size and moderate in height, and has a variety of different capacity rotors. It is reported that some manufacturers of desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge equipment can automatically identify 13 different rotors can be micro-centrifuged 12x1.5ml rotor (Z high speed up to 17500r / min), but also easy to test (4x100ml) rotor, with a variety of adapter. 9 kinds of speed-increasing curves, 10 kinds of deceleration curves, and effective prevention of secondary suspension, so that the centrifugal effect achieves a good effect.

Desktop high speed large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

The desktop high-speed large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge is a new generation of intelligent centrifuge with international advanced level. It can be used for quick rotor installation without any tools. Super strong and intelligent control system is molecular biology, protein, DNA and RNA. , cell separation, the preferred product for clinical medicine.

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