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Application of small spray dryer machine in algae oil DHA

Technical Knowledge 2016-07-08 09:04:25
The study found that although some marine fish can synthesize polyunsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, the DHA accumulated in their body is mainly derived from their food. The primary producer of marine food, the marine microbe, is the original producer of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Fish oil is the main source of traditional DHA extraction, but the resources are limited, the yield is unstable; the extraction rate is low; the pure process is complicated, which results in the use of fish oil to produce DHA with high cost, small scale and low profit.

 Algae oil is a pure plant DHA (DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as brain gold, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very important to the human body and belongs to the Omega-3 family of unsaturated fatty acids. DHA is a major element of cell growth and maintenance in the nervous system. It is an important component of the brain. It is found in the human cerebral cortex with a content of up to 20% and the largest proportion in the eye, accounting for about 50%. Therefore, the baby is born to the baby. The development of intelligence and vision is essential. The raw materials, extracted from artificially cultivated marine microalgae, are not the food chain, and are the purest and safest source of DHA in the world.

Microcapsules prepared by small spray dryers are most suitable for microencapsulation of lipophilic liquid materials. The stronger the water repellency of the core material, the better the embedding effect. The spray drying process is short, only a few seconds, the production can be carried out continuously, and the product is protected from heat for a long time, so it is more suitable for many heat sensitive materials. Although there are many methods that can be used for microencapsulation of foods, the most popular application for commercial production is the small spray dryer capsule method.

The small spray dryer has many characteristics of industrial production: simple production process, easy equipment, suitable for continuous, automated, industrialized production, so high production capacity and low production cost; many wall materials are available, suitable for most Substances that need to be buried; microcapsules can achieve a large amount of embedding; product particles are both well and soluble; materials have a short heating time and can handle many heat sensitive materials.

Therefore, the search for new resources of polyunsaturated fatty acids in marine microorganisms has gradually become a new research hotspot. At present, a variety of DHA-rich marine organisms have been isolated, mainly low-level marine fungi and microalgae.

The micro-capsule technology of small spray dryer is used to obtain DHA microcapsule products with long shelf life, high solubility, good dispersibility and low cost.

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