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1400℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace CVD System
1400℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace CVD System

1400℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace CVD System

Provides an experimental environment with vacuum, controlled atmosphere and high temperature. This CVD growth system is suitable for CVD processes, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity testing, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, and MLCC atmosphere sintering experiments.
  • ModelCVD-LTF14P/ CVD-LTF14T Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Provides an experimental environment with vacuum, controlled atmosphere and high temperature.

This CVD growth system is suitable for CVD processes, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity testing, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, and MLCC atmosphere sintering experiments.


1. The furnace is made of polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum adsorption, the temperature field is uniform and energy saving is more than 50%

2. Air diversion and heat insulation technology ensures the service life and constant temperature effect of each component in the box

3. Start the electric furnace, and the exhaust fan will run automatically at the same time. After the test, the exhaust fan will continue to run until the temperature of the furnace body is lower than 60 °C, and the exhaust fan will stop automatically, which effectively protects the surface of the furnace body.

4. Automatic power-off, over-temperature protection function, leakage protection function to ensure the safety of use

5. The circuit adopts continuous heating output mode, dual-circuit power supply, and separate wiring of strong and weak current improves the stability of the system

6. The heating module adopts DC signal to adjust the output power, which avoids the interference of induced electricity to the control signal.

7. Automatic compensation for the temperature control effect caused by temperature or aging on the resistance value change of the silicon carbide rod, avoiding the inaccuracy and danger of artificial adjustment

8. Adopt digital flow display instrument, cooperate with mass flow controller, collect data and control flow. It has the characteristics of good repeatability, fast response speed, stability and reliability. (Gas Mass Flow Control System)

9. Automatic control and manual control switching function, the automatic control mode can automatically turn on/off the vacuum pump through the set value to keep the container within a certain vacuum pressure range. Manual control mode uses the user to directly operate the vacuum pump via the vacuum pump on/off button. to meet the needs of different experiments. (Medium vacuum control system)

10 Solenoid valve slow start technology, so that the solenoid valve is opened 10 seconds after the vacuum pump is turned on, so that the system pressure in the furnace tube is kept accurate, and it also ensures that the exhaust gas will not return to the furnace tube system to affect the experimental effect (medium vacuum control system)











Operating   temperature range


Temperature   resolution


Temperature   control

± 1

Heating rate


Heating zone   length



Length of   constant temperature zone



degree of   vacuum


Empty furnace   heating time


Heating rate   when configuring furnace tube

Below 500 ≤5/min500-1000≤10/min1000-1200≤5/min1000-1400≤2/min


Cold-rolled   steel sheet with chemical-resistant coating on the surface

Furnace body

Polycrystalline   Mullite Fiber

Furnace size



Furnace tube

Corundum   Tube

Furnace tube   size






Silicon   carbide rod

Heating   power



Thermal   insulation layer

Double-layer   forced air diversion

Open way



P: Imported   program temperature control digital display; T: 7-inch color touch screen   program temperature control

Control   method

Using   microcomputer PID control

How to set

P: Touch   five buttons for action, digital display setting; T: Finger touch and tap to   set

Display   method

P:   Double-line LED digital display; T: Color LCD display


0~999.9   hours

Run function

Fixed value   operation, program operation

Program mode

P: Program   running, 4 curves, a total of 40 steps; T: 50 steps can call the stored   program


Type S   thermocouple

Auxiliary   function

P:   Correction function; T: Correction function, real-time curve recording, U   disk data export

Safety equipment

Overcurrent   leakage protection switch

Number of   air paths

3 channels   (the number of air channels can be selected according to specific needs)

Flow range

0-0500sccm   (standard ml/min, optional) nitrogen standard



Response   time


Operating   temperature (flow meter)


Work   pressure

Inlet   pressure 0.05-0.3MPa (gauge pressure)

System   connection

Adopt KF   quick connection bellows, high vacuum manual flapper valve and digital display   vacuum measuring instrument

System   vacuum range


Vacuum pump

The   theoretical ultimate vacuum degree of the two-stage mechanical pump is 3x10-1Pa,   the pumping rate is 4L/s, the air outlet is equipped with an oil filter, the   rated voltage is 200V, and the power is 0.55Kw

CVD system   configuration

1400 degree   vacuum tube furnace Multi-channel mass flow control system Vacuum system


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