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Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With A-Scan Snapshot

The LM series ultrasonic thickness gauge can measure the thickness of metal materials, high-temperature pipelines, pipes, plates (steel plates, aluminum plates), plastics, iron pipes, PVC pipes, glass and other materials. Can be applied to the detection fields of manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection industry and the like, can also monitor various pipelines and pressure vessels in production equipment and monitor the thinning degree of the pipelines and pressure vessels after being corroded in the use process, and is a corresponding instrument for material protection.
  • ModelLM-4/LM-4D/LM-4DL
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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LM-4 is a new generation thickness gauge, Breakthrough technology provides a thickness gauge with better performance for the same budget. It greatly improves the performance of previous ultrasonic thickness gauges and has better measurement stability and repeatability. It is widely used for wall thickness measurement of pipelines, pressure vessels and storage tanks in petrochemical, electric power, ships and manufacturing industries.


1. Economical full digital thickness gauge 

All-digital thickness gauge needs to convert analog ultrasonic signals into digital signals, and then process the digital signals to obtain high-performance thickness measurement capability. The A-scan snapshot function, zero-crossing measurement technology and high resolution of LM-4 series are all based on all-digital technology. 

2. The innovative A-scan snapshot function  

LM-4 is the first product in the same file to provide A scan waveform display function. Acoustic non-ultrasonic wave is no longer an abstract concept that cannot be seen or touched. Users can directly see the ultrasonic signal waveform on the screen, which is used to verify whether the thickness reading is correct, analyze the cause of the problem, and help users find a solution to the problem.

3.  Adopt breakthrough zero-crossing measurement technology 

Based on all-digital technology and zero-crossing measurement technology, the thickness measurement value is not affected by echo intensity, material attenuation coefficient, gain and gate height, and has high measurement stability and reliability. 

4. The function of penetrating the coating

(1) Zero-free calibration; 

(2) high stability, the measured value is not affected by probe pressure, coupling layer thickness and dust stains on the surface of the workpiece; 

(3) Zero drift. 

5. More practical functions 

(1) Gain: adjustable for high, medium and low gears; 

(2) Alarm mode: dynamically change thickness reading color during alarm; 

(3) Difference/Reduction Rate: The difference mode shows the difference between the measured thickness and the preset thickness. The reduction rate is the percentage of thickness reduction calculated and displayed after the material is thinned. The typical application is to measure the metal material thinned due to bending. 

(4) Maximum/Minimum Capture: The current thickness value, minimum thickness value and maximum thickness value are simultaneously displayed on the screen.






Measuring range

0.65-508 mm (0.025 - 20.00   inches) depends on the probe used, the material to be tested, and the surface   condition.

Penetration coating function



Working principle

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Method Using Double Crystal Probe

Lower limit of pipe measurement   (steel)

φ 20 mm * 3.0 mm (PT08 probe); φ   15 mm * 2.0 mm (small diameter tube probe)

Measurement resolution

0.01 or 0.1mm (0.001 or 0.01in)


Millimeters or inches


2.4QVGA (320×240) color OLED   screen with contrast ratio of 10000:1



Probe calibration

One-point calibration, two-point   calibration

Measurement error

0.05 mm (less than 10 mm) (0.5%   h+0.01) (more than 10 mm) Note: h is the thickness of the measured object

The measurement update rate

4HZ, 8HZ and 16HZ per second are   optional.

The sound speed range of the material


Storage function


Store100,000 thickness values

Alarm function

The maximum/minimum alarm, alarm   dynamically change the thickness reading color


High, Medium and Low Gear   Adjustable

Display mode

Thickness value mode,   minimum/maximum capture mode, difference/reduction rate mode

V path correction

Automatic A-range correction to   compensate nonlinearity of bimorph probe


Chinese, English, Japanese,   German and French are available

Power supply

two AA batteries

Operating time

Two AA batteries for more than   35 hours

Automatically shut down

Optional 5, 10, 20 minutes after   no operation automatically shut down, or only manually shut down

Working temperature

-10 ~+50, with special requirements   up to -20




280g (including battery)

Standard configuration

Thickness gauge host, standard   probe, instrument box, two alkaline batteries, coupling agent, operation   manual, certificate of approval and packing list

Optional accessories

Rubber jacket; A variety of   selectable probes; Step test block for calibration; Coupling agent and high   temperature coupling agent

Configuration list



Coupling agent






Packing document


Instrument seal box


Data line

1(only LM-4DL)

Communication software

1(only LM-4DL)

Note: If send it by air, not   including batteries, it’s an empty bottle for Coupling agent.


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