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Solid State Fermenter System Solid State Fermenter System
Solid State Fermenter System Solid State Fermenter System

Solid State Fermenter System

The solid biological reaction system is suitable for solid fermentation systems in the pharmaceutical, beverage, enzyme preparation, biological pesticide and other industries.
  • ModelLBR-SS Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The solid state fermenter system has the advantages of low investment, good aseptic performance, low operating environment, simple maintenance and not easy to pollute the environment. The volume ranges from 5L to 20KL fermentation tank is optional.


1. SIP and cooling: Steam is directly connected to the fermenter and incooperated  with the special mixing system.

2. Temperature and humidity control: Temperature is digitally displayed. Air volume is adopted to control the temperature.

3. The medium temperature is controlled by adopting the fully atomized water supply system.

4. The material mixing and crushing system in the tank ensures even and stable fermentation.

5. Horizontal solid state fermenter: Convenient observation of materials, thorough discharging.

6. Control parameters: temperature, rotation speed, humidity.


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