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Airlift Bioreactor System Airlift Bioreactor System
Airlift Bioreactor System Airlift Bioreactor System

Airlift Bioreactor System

The airlift bioreactor system suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms that require small shear force, built-in diversion tube to force the culture medium to flow up and down, and a special space distributor.
  • ModelLBR-GQA/LBR-SQA Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The airlift bioreactor system is agitated by airflow, a specially designed built-in guide tube, a special ventilation distribution method, a rotameter and a mass flow meter display, and the gas flow rate can be adjusted according to the process requirements.


1. Siemens PLC control system + vinylon LCD touch screen, is used to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation. you can use USB for data transmission, sampling and displaying tank data, browsing and analyzing system data, reading settings.

2. Each tank is equipped with 4 peristaltic pumps beside the front tank, which can supply acid, alkali, defoamer and culture medium to the fermentation tank.

3. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer.

4. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated into the fermentation system.

5. Using off-site sterilization airlift stirring method, which has a simple structure and stable operation.


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