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100L Explosion Proof Closed Heater Circulator Bath 100L Explosion Proof Closed Heater Circulator Bath
100L Explosion Proof Closed Heater Circulator Bath 100L Explosion Proof Closed Heater Circulator Bath

100L Explosion Proof Closed Heater Circulator Bath

Explosion-proof enclosed heating circulator LMGY-100EX is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel material, explosion-proof control box, electric heating liquid circulation equipment, high temperature circulation liquid, widely used in the heating of reactor devices in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and other industries.
  • ModelLMGY-100EX
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The Explosion-proof closed high-temperature circulator is the thermal heating circulator, which mainly adopts the heating method of electric heat conduction to work. Since the heating element is directly placed in the plate groove, the cold water/oil flowing through can directly flow through the surface of the heating element. Heating, because of the small size of the plate tank, the water/oil in the tank can be heated quickly, so the circulating water/oil has a higher temperature. The high temperature circulator can provide heat sources for various heating devices and cannot be used alone.


1. The equipment has an over-temperature alarm protection function.

2. The circulating pump can output the heat transfer fluid inside the machine to heat the equipment outside the machine.

3. The energized heating is produced by a professional manufacturer to ensure reliability and service life.

4. The equipment has an exhaust valve to facilitate system filling. It is forbidden to open the exhaust valve during work.

5. The circulation system is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-high temperature liquid pollution. 6. This machine adopts PID control technology, with high temperature control accuracy, convenient operation and simple use.

7. The refrigerant circulation system adopts a closed system, which greatly improves the service life of the heat transfer oil.

8. The product is easy to use and can work continuously.

9. The circulation system is made of stainless steel, and the explosion-proof control box with the explosion-proof grade is dllBT4, which has the effect of anti-corrosion and high-temperature liquid pollution




Heating   temperature


Voltage   frequency

380V/50HZ(Can   be customized)

Operating   temperature range

Room   temperature200

Ambient   temperature


Circulating   pump



Maximum flow


Maximum   pressure




Circulation   port size


Filling   amount of bath liquid


Heating   power


Overall size(L*W*H)

720× 520×1130mm

Optimal   environmental humidity


Explosion-proof   control box; explosion-proof pump; explosion-proof connecting pipe;   explosion-proof grade: dllBT4


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