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Dietary Fiber Analyzer
Dietary Fiber Analyzer

Dietary Fiber Analyzer

Dietary fiber analyzer is a measurement of Dietary Fiber - dietary fiber content in a sample is measured in the laboratory by what is called an enzymatic-gravimetric method.
  • Model LDF-602
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The LDF-602 is a newly developed perfect dietary fiber tester that focuses on solving the error caused by sample transfer and is therefore more accurate and reliable than the filter bag type. Sets enzymatic hydrolysis, stirring, heating, constant temperature, liquid addition, precipitation, and suction filtration, which is efficient, convenient, accurate, and safe. The company's equipment complies with GB/T5009.88-2014 and is committed to building world-class advanced technology and reliable quality. Make sure every instrument is your competent assistant.


1. The whole process without transferring samples, to avoid operating errors

2. Set of enzymatic hydrolysis, stirring, heating, constant temperature, plus liquid, precipitation, pumping in one

3. Mobile semi-circular silicon carbide heater, heating fast and stable, safe operation

4. Special filter pump, fiber patented products, apply to all corrosive solvents

5. Pneumatic function to ensure thorough digestion of the sample

6. Directly control the temperature of the enzymatic hydrolysis of the liquid, the enzymatic effect to achieve the best condition

7. 7-inch ultra-fine color screen, touch screen control, the interface avant-garde fashion is simple and simple

8. Heater detection in place


Core Technology:

1. Special filter pump:Fiber patented products, 30 years of industry experience developed a unique formula raw materials. Applicable to all corrosive solvents, the use of a wider range, fully reflects the fiber inspection technology and strength;

2. Integrated ant- misoperation interface design:Completely avoid the wrong button caused by the misuse, reflecting the ultimate concept of human nature;

3. Special condensing tube:Integrated condensation and liquid integration, flexible and convenient operation;

4. Pneumatic function:Without the need for agitator immersed in the sample, eliminating the sample sticking to the stirrer is difficult to clean the error caused, but also to avoid the risk of rocking stirring;

5. Rise and fall timing dual system:Designed for dietary fiber design tailored temperature control;Breaking the conventional only temperature control timing mode, to avoid the cooling temperature control time error;



7-inch   ultra-fine color screen, touch type

Test range

0 - 100%

batch processing   time

3 hours

Analysis of   temperature range

room   temperature ~ 200 °C

temperature   control mode

cooling   temperature double system control

Temperature   control accuracy


Mixing method

pressure   mixing, no interference, no mutual contamination

Standard   deviation of results

≤ 0.5%

Recovery rate


Environmental   protection

No need for   constant temperature water bath and filter bottle, no peculiar smell drift,   ordinary standard laboratory can

Anti-error   performance

no sample   transfer, all enzymatic and washing filtration, directly on the instrument;

Number of   samples

Test 1 to 6   samples at a time

Heating method

mobile   semi-circular silicon carbide heater

Power source

220V±10%, 5060HZ

Rated power



700×400×600   (mm)


40 kg


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