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Crude raw fiber analyzer Crude raw fiber analyzer Crude raw fiber analyzer

Crude raw fiber analyzer

LFA-06 Raw Fiber Analyzer assimilates samples based on the common acid & alkali assimilation method, and gets raw fiber content by weight determination which is suitable for testing raw fiber content of all kinds of feed, foodstuff, grain, food and so on.
  • ModelLFA-06
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The instrument adopts acid and alkali of accurate concentration and assimilates under certain conditions. After removing the soluble substance by alcohol and burning the rest solution at high temperature, the residue minus the mineral is called raw fiber. However, it’s not an actual chemical substantiality, while it is only a measured compendium ingredient under legal compelled regulation. Fiber is its main content, while a little fiber and xylogen are also contained. 


Measuring object

Raw fiber   content in various kinds of grain, food, feed and other agricultural and   sideline products

Measuring sample   quantity

6pcs / time

Repeatability   error

raw fiber level   < 10%, absolute value error ≤0.4%

raw fiber level   >10%, absolute value error  ≤ 4%

Measuring time

about 100min   (including acid 40min, alkali 40min, filter and wash 20min)



Water supply

water pressure   >1.5Mpa

water   temperature <20






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