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What should you pay attention to when using the steam sterilizer?

Technical Knowledge 2015-09-21 15:35:54
The steam sterilizer is an steam sterilizer device, which belongs to a pressure vessel and is commonly used for sterilization of glassware. The general pressure reaches 0.15 kPa, and the temperature is maintained at about 120 degrees for half an hour. From heating, heat preservation and cooling. It takes two or three hours. Steam sterilizer are very common sterilization equipment. As long as they are used in microorganisms, they are basically used. They are very convenient, safe, efficient, and inexpensive. Therefore, they are widely used. There are some issues to be aware of.

1. Use steam sterilizer to avoid scalding. Because it is a high temperature and high pressure container, use insulated gloves when using it to avoid burns. In the past, there were many cases of burns, so be careful not to get burned.

2. When the temperature rises, the exhaust switch should be turned on. When the temperature rises to 70 degrees, the exhaust gas is turned off and the temperature is raised. The purpose of this is to make the temperature rise faster, there is no cold gas inside, and it is beneficial to sterilization. It is a very important place. 3, the temperature should reach the specified value when the temperature is kept, some operators may be negligent, the temperature will not start until the time is over, this will lead to insufficient sterilization time, sterilization is not thorough enough, always pay attention to temperature and pressure, if it is insulation When the sterilization stage falls, it is necessary to properly adjust the exhaust valve or increase the firepower.

4. the cooling stage should not be too fast, if the exhaust valve is too large, it is easy to cause damage to the inside container, this is very critical.

5. regular maintenance, steam sterilizer has been used for a long time, many valves, instruments, gaskets, etc. need to be repaired and replaced, can not be used with disease.

6. do not let the pressure temperature is too high, there may be many times, because the operator did not pay attention, the temperature pressure rises too fast, resulting in too high temperature, which is very easy to hurt the equipment, so this is to pay attention, do not be too sloppy.

The steam sterilizer is a very good sterilizing equipment. It should be operated strictly in accordance with the operating specifications. Pay attention to safety. It is strictly forbidden to leave the equipment during operation, because the temperature and pressure will change at any time. In fact, the use of steam sterilizer requires professional operation, the sterilization process is also very particular, these are standard operating requirements, and all steam sterilizer are similar, the operation is similar.

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