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What Should Be Attention When Using Pure Water Machine?

Technical Knowledge 2021-12-21 09:51:31
With the development of the times, ultra-pure water machines have gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. Ultra-pure water machines are easy to operate, cost-effective, safe and reliable. What is the working principle of super pure water machines? What details should be paid attention to when using it? Let's talk it together.

Maintenance of pure water machine:


 1. The mechanical filter is backwashed regularly. In the backwash, compressed air gas friction is performed. After the backwash is qualified, it is allowed to stand for washing after 10 minutes. After the water is qualified, the air can be put into use, and the air will not enter the reverse osmosis. When the SDI value is not affected, the operating time of the mechanical filter is extended as much as possible, which not only reduces the impact of switching the filter on the water quality, but also saves a lot of backwash water.

    2. Regular inspection and timely replacement of the filter element to prevent quality problems caused by installation leakage or reverse osmosis membrane particle pollution caused by filter element leakage. When the inlet pressure difference of the precision filter is greater than 0.15Mpa, the filter element should be replaced. It should be checked once a month, the filter element It should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. During operation, check whether there is gas in the precision filter so that air cannot enter the reverse osmosis membrane. For precision or spare filters, formaldehyde protection should be used to prevent bacterial growth.

    3.The inlet pressure of the high-pressure pump should be at least 0.05 MPa to prevent air or fine filters from being pumped into the reverse osmosis membrane through the high-pressure pump.

    4. The discarded reverse osmosis membrane should be flushed regularly at low pressure, especially in summer, it should be flushed once per shift. If the downtime is more than 7 days, 0.5%-1% sodium bisulfite or 0.5%-1% formaldehyde solution should be used to protect Reverse osmosis membrane. The pH value and concentration of the protection solution should be detected in time.

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