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What are the types of pressure steam sterilizers?

Technical Knowledge 2016-06-03 21:23:24
According to the different methods of cold air discharge, the pressure steam sterilizer is divided into two types: the lower exhaust type pressure steam sterilizer and the pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.

The lower vented pressure steam sterilizer is also called gravity displacement type pressure steam sterilizer. The sterilization is based on the principle of gravity displacement, so that the hot steam is exhausted from top to bottom in the sterilizer, and the cold air is exhausted from the bottom. The holes are discharged, and the discharged cold air is replaced by saturated steam, and the latent heat released by the steam is used to sterilize the articles. The principle of sterilization of the pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is to use a mechanical vacuuming method to form a negative pressure inside the sterilizing cabinet, and the steam can be quickly penetrated into the interior of the article for sterilization. According to the number of times of vacuuming, it is divided into two types: pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum. The latter is vacuumed multiple times, the air is eliminated more thoroughly, and the effect is more reliable.

The steam sterilizer can use external pipe steam or steam can be produced at any time using an electric steam boiler associated with a pressure steam sterilizer. Some small down-pressure steam sterilizers can also sterilize the water in the pot and generate steam through an electric furnace or a gas stove for sterilization purposes. In general, the steam source of the external pipeline steam is sufficient, and is suitable for a larger type of pressure steam sterilizer. The steam generated by the electric steam boiler per unit time is usually small and requires a long heating time.

The traditional pressure steam sterilizer is a single door. As the requirements for aseptic operation become more and more strict, there are more and more pressure steam sterilizers with double-sided opening. These sterilizers are especially suitable for cleaning areas. The contaminated area is specially treated to treat contaminated items from the contaminated area into the clean area. Some sterilized items in hospitals and pharmaceutical factories often use double-door pressure steam sterilizers in the production process.

According to the position of the steam pipe in the sterilizing pot, there is a jacket type and a casing type. The steam tube of the former is outside the body of the sterilizing pot. It is a classic way, which has no volume, facilitates the discharge of sterilized articles and is easy to extinguish. The characteristics of the fungus maintenance. The latter steam tube is in the body of the sterilization pot, and has the characteristics of convenient processing, wide heat transfer area and more direct and rapid heating.

Since the volume of the pressure sterilizer is related to the sterilization effect and monitoring method, the International Committee for Standardization classifies a pressure steam sterilizer with a volume of less than 60 liters as a small pressure steam sterilizer. Depending on the shape characteristics of the sterilizer, there are also differences in vertical, horizontal, benchtop, and mobile pressure steam sterilizers.

Ordinary pressure steam sterilizers are generally designed without regard to the environmental pollution caused by the discharged cold air, but need to disinfect the cold air when handling infectious items, especially the pressure steam sterilizer of the biosafety laboratory. There should be a cold air disinfection unit on the exhaust line.

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