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What are the main features and advantages of small spray dryers?

Technical Knowledge 2015-07-28 10:55:51
The automatic control of the small spray dryer can reduce the labor intensity of the operator, reduce the number of operators, reduce the operating cost, and improve the quality of the drug after baking.

For example, in the production process of powder, the spray dryer realizes an unmanned system, and the data of key small spray dryers such as inlet and outlet air temperature, air volume, mud pressure and moisture in the spray dryer can be analyzed in real time through processing software. Factors that cause system changes, and can simulate the manual operation to adjust the temperature of the hot blast stove, the flow rate of the slurry, etc., and ultimately replace the human operation. This series of advantages makes the small spray dryer more vital. However, with the increase in equipment requirements for small spray dryers and the increase in technical difficulty requirements, the cost of small spray dryers is bound to increase, which is a problem to be solved in the future.

The compact spray dryer is compact and can be placed independently in the laboratory or placed in a specially designed stainless steel frame that is self-contained and can be operated without additional equipment. The small spray dryer adopts one-button start-up, color large LCD touch screen operation, and can be operated automatically or manually, which is convenient for operation and monitoring of the experimental process. The small spray dryer is the smallest spray dryer with the smallest noise and excellent drying effect. Due to their small size, small footprint and powerful functions, the small spray dryer is popular among most companies. The small spray dryer is suitable for the production of micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and food and pharmaceutical chemical enterprises. It has broad-spectrum applicability to all solution small spray dryers such as emulsions and suspensions. Small spray dryers are suitable for heat. The drying of sensitive substances such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the materials ejected are only subjected to high temperature when sprayed into mist-sized particles, so they are only heated instantaneously, and the active materials can be maintained after drying. Its active ingredients are not destroyed.

The biggest highlight of the small spray dryer is the use of color LCD touch screen parameter display, using color LCD large screen display, which can facilitate the user to observe the spray process at various stages of the experimental spray during use. The touch screen parameter display can facilitate the user to control the experimental data in time. Quickly and accurately control the start and stop. The spray, drying chamber and collection device of the small spray dryer are made of transparent high-quality high-temperature borosilicate glass, which makes the spray drying process non-polluting and stable. In addition, the temperature control of the small spray dryer adopts real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology, and the temperature control is accurate.

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