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The Installation And Removal Of Centrifuge Rotor

Technical Knowledge 2022-07-29 10:03:37
The centrifuge rotor is designed so that the base is uniform, so that it is closely attached to the motor shaft. When installing the rotor, dirt particles do not adhere to the rotor of the motor shaft and cause unevenness. Be sure to regularly grease the shaft of the rotor to allow easier removal in the future to prevent metal-to-metal bonding on the motor shaft.

To install the rotor into the laboao centrifuge, follow these steps:

1.    To clean the motor shaft in the centrifuge, drill holes in the underside of the rotor.

2.    Apply oil on the motor shaft of the centrifuge. For specific products, please consult the laboao after-sales engineer.

3.    Place the rotor vertically on the motor shaft. Use the flanges, or corresponding wings, on the motor shaft, and identify the wire on the rotor to seat the rotor correctly.

4.    Hand-tighten the rotor. Use the included 5mm Allen key to turn clockwise. Be careful not to overtighten the rotor or it will be difficult to remove for cleaning and inspection. It is just hand tightened.

5.    Check that the rotor is firmly seated on the side of the rotor by gently pulling up.

6.    Close and lock (on smaller models) the centrifuge lid. Spin the centrifuge and press the start button. This will begin the centrifuge rotor identification process, during which the maximum speed and preset radius of the rotor will be determined.

7.    Once the rotor identification process is complete, the running centrifuge is stopped. Open the lid, please set your application.


To remove the rotor of high speed centrifuge and low speed centrfige:

1.    Using an enclosed 5mm Allen key, loosen the rotor and turn it clockwise until the rotor motor shaft can be released.

2.    Once the rotor is removed, cleaning and inspection of the rotor is strongly recommended. Before replacing the rotor, make sure it is lubricated.

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